Rufener’s Hilltop Farm Has the Area’s Best Hand Picked Sweet Corn for Uniontown, Green, & Hartville, Ohio!

Summertime in the Hartville, OhioGreen, Ohio; and Uniontown, Ohio areas has a lot of Ohioans dusting off their grills and getting ready for barbeque season! The beautiful sunny weather means cookouts, picnics, and family gatherings for many of us throughout Northeast Ohio. While hot dogs and hamburgers are generally considered grilling ‘must haves,’ fresh vegetables should not be overlooked! Zucchinis, yellow squash, peppers, and corn are just a few of the delicious vegetables that taste fantastic when they are grilled. However, it’s important to purchase veggies of the highest quality. So where can you find home grown produce and hand picked sweet corn in the area? Rufener’s Hilltop Farm offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that are picked from the owners’ own fields and sold in their fresh produce market. Continue reading

Building 9 Has New Vinyl Siding & More at Close-Out Prices and Much More for Cleveland, Ohio and the Cuyahoga County Area

Congratulations on finally taking the advice of other homeowners in the Cuyahoga County, Ohio area, including Cleveland, Ohio and Parma, Ohio and going to Building 9 in Akron, Ohio or Massillon, Ohio for all of your composite decking. You bought all of the necessary materials in one stop at closeout prices, took advantage of the beautiful summer weather to build the deck of your dreams. But, now that you’re spending more quality time outdoors, you’re beginning to realize that your dull, worn out vinyl siding isn’t living up to the standards of your shiny new deck. At Building 9, they know that home improvement can cost a fortune, but it doesn’t have to. And, since your decking materials were purchased at Building 9, you can still afford brand new vinyl siding, too!


Building 9 offers one of the most popular maintenance-free siding materials—vinyl siding—at the best prices you will find anywhere in Cuyahoga County or its surrounding cities. Continue reading

Safenet Security Offers SafeMedAlert Medical Assistance System to Akron, Ohio & Summit County, Ohio Area

No one wants to imagine something bad happening to our loved ones or even to ourselves. However, if you or a loved one is living alone and have potential medical issues, you worry about what could happen when no one else is around. So what options are available to help give you and those closest to you peace of mind? Safenet Security, one of the leading security companies for businesses and home owners in the Akron, Ohio; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; and Summit County, Ohio area, offers the SafeMedAlert Personal Emergency Response System for those in need. If you or someone you know may require immediate medical assistance or instant contact for any reason, Safenet Security is the company to call. Continue reading

Bond Exterminating Pest Control Tips (Almost) Make You a DIY Exterminator in Stark County, Ohio!

Creepy crawly critters, flying and buzzing nuisances, and skittering and scampering pests—summertime has arrived in Stark County, Ohio, and so have all of the above. The mild winter we experienced in the Canal Fulton, Ohio and Massillon, Ohio area was pleasant while it lasted, but the extra pests are an unfortunate side effect. No matter what type of insect or rodent is trying to make itself at home in or around your home, Bond Exterminating can help! Locally-owned and operated for over 26 years, these exterminators are pest removal and control experts. They also have some advice, tips, and tricks that may save you time, money, and peace of mind! Continue reading

Watters Detailing Specializes in Scraped & Cracked Bumpers and Other Small Vehicle Repairs that Make You Nuts in Akron, Ohio

You know how, sometimes, the littlest things are most annoying?  Think paper cuts.  They’re usually tiny, but they sure do hurt! Well, a scrape or crack on your bumper or a minor flaw in the paint is kind of like that.  It might be overlooked by a friend, but your eye probably zeroes in on it every time you see your vehicle. The little things, like scraped bumpers or cracked bumpers are also often among the most expensive to repair. However, if you live in the Akron, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area, you can turn to Watters Detailing for paint touch ups, bumper scrape and crack repair, vehicle polishing, and more!

Watters Detailing specializes in taking care of those small repairs that drive you nuts! Continue reading

Figaro Farms Fresh Market Is Your Fresh Fish & Seafood Provider in Stark County & Summit County, Ohio

With warmer temperatures and cool summer breezes, do you ever hear the waves of the ocean crashing and the seagulls squawking in the distance? It’s easy to drift into fond memories of beach vacations where the sun warmed your skin, the sand squished beneath your toes, and the daily menu consisted of fresh vegetables, brightly colored seasonal fruits, and fresh from the ocean seafood. Well, the reality is, you are not on the coast, but landlocked in Canton, Ohio, Green, Ohio or any of the other cities in Stark County, Ohio and Summit County, Ohio. And while these cities and counties have plenty to offer…the ocean just isn’t one of them! So where do you go to get fresh fish and fresh seafood? Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Green, Ohio! Continue reading