Visit Firehouse Grille & Pub for the Perfect Place to Watch Sports Events in Akron, Ohio!

Are you a self-proclaimed sports fanatic?  Regardless of the looks you receive from those close to you always get up to cheer for your favorite team.  Do you frequently display your team’s colors on your clothing with pride? Then you belong at Firehouse Grille & Pub in Akron, Ohio! With two locations just minutes away from Fairlawn, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio, this popular local eatery is a convenient place to watch sports events of all kinds. And to top it all off, Firehouse Grille & Pub offers flavorful Buffalo wings and ice cold beverages as the perfect meal for your afternoon or evening of sports viewing! What more could you ask for?

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The Pierogi Lady Brings Akron, Ohio Delicious Handmade, Gourmet, Polish Ravilois

The most well known form of ravioli to most of us in the United States comes from a can bearing the likeness of a certain “chef.” You wouldn’t be the first to scour the internet to find what exactly is inside those raviolis. Of the Fifty-nine thousand people that have asked the same question, not one has a clue. No one is positive what that particular chef is bringing to the table, but consensus is that the meat is worse than what is found in a hot dog. If you have a craving or a curiosity for what ravioli should taste like, try a pierogi. A pierogi is Poland’s ravioli. These handmade raviolis are carefully baked, and can be stuffed with meat, potatoes, cheese, dessert; anything you want. How can you try these handmade, gourmet Polish raviolis here in the Hartville, Ohio; Akron, Ohio; or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area? Pay a visit to a true local chef: The Pierogi Lady.

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Barrington Carpet & Flooring Offers Eco-Friendly, Luxury Hardwoods and Carpet Flooring to the Akron, Ohio Area

One of the fastest ways to give your home a face-lift is to redo your floors. Whether your house needs new floors or you are just in the market for a change of pace, Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design has a variety of options for the Akron, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; Canton, Ohio home owner. Barrington Carpet & Flooring Design offers a wide range of luxury hardwoods, plush carpeting and a vast array of eco-friendly flooring options. Barrington is a one-stop shop for all of your flooring needs.

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Safenet Security Has the Security Alarm You Need to Ensure the Safety of Your Cleveland, Ohio Home or Office

If you own a home or business in the Cleveland, Ohio area, you may frequently worry about the possibility of break-ins. Do you double-check your door locks when you leave? Put any valuable items out of sight? The thought of someone entering your space, uninvited, is unsettling to say the least. But being the unfortunate victim of a burglary is something you shouldn’t have to worry about. And by having Safenet Security install a security alarm in your Shaker Heights, Ohio or Parma, Ohio building, you won’t! Safenet Security is a well-known and respected company in the area that provides commercial burglar alarms and burglar alarm monitoring for virtually any kind of establishment. When you enlist Safenet Security’s help in protecting your home, you won’t regret your decision!

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Building 9 Offers Replacement Windows to Help You Reduce Energy Expenses for the Wooster, Ohio Area

No one wants to think about it, but we don’t have much choice. By this time next month in Wayne County, Ohio, we could be battling frost. Of course, a week later, it could be back to 80 degree temperatures in Wooster, Ohio. Nevertheless, with energy costs on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to keep those costs down in our Dalton, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio homes. The first step in reducing your energy bill is to look for places in your home where you may be leaking precious heat (and money): your windows. Top quality Silver Line® by Andersen windows are available at Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio at close-out prices, and the time to buy is now! One trip to Building 9 will help you reduce energy expenses, save on windows, and even save on installation.

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Rufener’s Hilltop Farms Offers Fresh Produce in Akron, Ohio For Canning Season!

Tomatoes and peppers and peaches, oh my! If you’re looking for locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables to use for the upcoming canning season, Rufener’s Hilltop Farm is the only place you need to stop. Just a short drive away from both Tallmadge, Ohio and Akron, Ohio, this locally-owned farm in Suffield, Ohio offers a vast variety of items to choose from! If you’re starting to prepare for canning season and want to find quantity discounts on produce, now would be the time to follow the yellow brick road…or asphalt-paved highway, to Rufener’s Hilltop Farm!

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Bond Exterminating Keeps You Bug-Free with Insect Prevention Tips & Professional Pest Control in Akron, Ohio

This summer certainly has flown by!  Suddenly, we find ourselves sending our Summit County, Ohio children back to school and enjoying cooler evenings.  Autumn will truly be here before you know it!  With the cooler temperatures comes the movement from outdoor fun to indoor activities, and you won’t be the only ones seeking the warmth and comfort inside your home.  The time has come to take a look at indoor insect prevention and pest deterrents for your Akron, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio home. This fall, do not invite creepy crawlers and itsy bitsy spiders (and just for the record, there is no such thing as a tiny spider!) to share the warmth of your home; send them the signal and serve them the papers that Nancy and the professional pest control experts at Bond Exterminating have a license to kill…and they mean business! Continue reading

Call The Venue Banquets in Tallmadge, Ohio to Help with Your Special Event Planning

Are you currently in the process of special event planning for a wedding, corporate event, or family reunion? It can be stressful! Picking out decorations and putting together a guest list is difficult enough, but when you think about choosing a location and a menu it seems nearly impossible! Fortunately, The Venue Banquets in Tallmadge, Ohio can provide the assistance you need. With an extensive banquet menu, professional group of chefs, and new banquet manager with years of experience, The Venue is more than qualified to help make your Akron, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio celebration a success. If you’re interested in using the elegant banquet service provided by The Venue, read on to find out what they can offer!
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Above & Beyond Helps Develop Social Skills & Encourages Learning for Children in the Summit County, Ohio Area

Are you ready for back to school in Summit County, Ohio? You probably have a list of supplies to purchase, and you’re slowly but surely putting together your student’s back to school wardrobe, but there’s that niggling feeling that there’s something you’re forgetting… Could it be an after school program for your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio child? Of course, you want something more for your child than a glorified babysitter. That’s where Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Akron, Ohio comes in. At this licensed childcare center, they do not simply “watch” your child, but provide engaging activities that assist in developing social skills and encourage learning in a fun environment.

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Watters Detailing Preserves Value & Improves Appearance for Akron and Bath, Ohio Area Vehicles!

If there’s one thing that Northeast Ohio residents know, it that this area is not kind to automobiles. Despite knowing the toll the weather and road conditions take on our cars, we don’t always take the proper precautions and care that are necessary to protect them.  No matter what type of vehicle you drive in the Bath, Ohio area, it has the same vulnerabilities as every other car, truck, or SUV on the road. Sun, salt, gravel, ice—all of these things contribute to wear and tear on your vehicle, both inside and out. So, how can you combat the forces of time and nature that are slowing damaging your Stow, Ohio vehicle? Through regular auto detailing, which not only improves appearance, but also preserves vehicle value. And where do you go for the best detailing in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area? Watters Detailing in Akron, Ohio! Continue reading