A Landscape Design with Perennials & Annuals from Lafayette Forest Nursery in Canal Fulton, Ohio Lasts

Well crafted landscapes provide year-round beauty. While it may seem like coordinated flowers, trees, and shrubs are spring and summer delights, this is at best a myth. Per the landscape design contractors at Lafayette Forest Nursery in Canal Fulton, Ohio, a complete landscape caters to all seasons. Their expertise has grown with the greenery at their plant nursery. Apply it, and you can expect lasting results at your home near Canton, Ohio or North Canton, Ohio as well as your office in Massillon, Ohio. And here’s a hint: perennials and annuals are key!

The power of perennials and annuals should not be overlooked. They do, after all, serve distinct purposes in landscapes. Beyond being pretty, these additions combine to provide the backbone of a landscape design and the predictable beauty you may have already noticed. The best way to explain what we mean by that is to define perennials and annuals which are often lumped together, but are actually a lifetime apart.

Perennials are plants that live longer than one year. By way of their natural longevity, they are the base of a complete landscape design. Pink turtlehead, wood merrybell, wild ginger, Cardinal flower, and scarlet rose mallow are all perennials you may be familiar with. Native to the Northeast, all fair well in places like Canton, North Canton, and Massillon. When included in landscapes, they grow sturdier and lovelier each year. But as the landscape design contractors at Lafayette Forest Nursery point out, they warrant attention and can suffer shorter lifecycles without it.

Per the pros at the plant nursery in Canal Fulton, perennials must be planted in good soil as their roots run deep. They also need regular fertilization, proper mulching, and dead foliage removed. And as their deep roots and sturdy structures correctly suggest the possibility of notable growth, perennials sometimes need to be dug up and divided to stop them from becoming overgrown. While that is a major chore best handed off to professional landscape design contractors, it’s also a way for property owners to coup multiple plants from the purchase of a few.

Purchasing a few could be considered the best way to buy annuals. Reason being, they have a one-year life cycle and will likely need to be replaced each planting season. Calla lily, primrose, begonia, gerbera, marigold, and geranium are examples of annuals you may be familiar with. Some like the primrose are cool weather annuals which means they wither away in summer. Others like the marigold are warm weather annuals and therefore thrive when it’s hot.

The differences in lifecycles and seasonal strengths are what make perennials and annuals essential to landscapes. Through proper coordination like the landscape design contractors at Lafayette Forest Nursery provide, they work with trees and shrubs to provide timeless beauty. You’re welcome to visit lafayetteforestnursery.com or stop by the plant nursery to see a healthy spread of each variety. You can also call the professionals at 330.413.1468 and invite them to apply their expertise to your property in Canton, Ohio; North Canton, Ohio; or Massillon, Ohio. In either case, be sure to pick perennials that you adore because they can be with you for years to come!

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