Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center Is Summit County, Ohio’s Educational Daycare and Quality Childcare Center

Everyone wants the absolute best for their child, and we do our best to provide it within our means. Sometime, this means compromising; giving them the best that’s available to us, even if something better exists.  Probably no one understands this better than working parents in the Summit County, Ohio area. You want your child to have every opportunity to grow, learn, and play, but you have to work to provide for your family, and you’re not always there to monitor what your child is doing. With summertime in full swing and school out of session, finding the means to educate and entertain your child is even more difficult. No matter the time of year, finding a quality childcare center to which you can entrust your child is a daunting task. Fortunately, this is one area in which you do not have to compromise because there’s an exceptional educational daycare facility right in Akron, Ohio: Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center. Now offering enrollment in their learning center and a full time summer camp program for young children, Above & Beyond will provide a safe and healthy environment in which your child can grow.

Licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Above & Beyond is a quality childcare center in the Akron area. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child is being cared for by experienced teachers who have received their degrees. The professional staff at Above & Beyond won’t just watch over your child, they will provide various activities to help your child to learn and socialize. Children between the ages of six weeks to eleven years will find Above & Beyond an enjoyable place in which they can play with others, increase their language skills, express their creativity, and improve their physical health. Nutritionally balanced meals will also be given for breakfast, lunch, and snack time. We all want to find a childcare environment that is not only safe and clean, but that will also offer activities to help our children grow. When you enroll your child into Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center, you can be sure that your child will get the opportunity for overall growth.

Not only is Above and Beyond currently offering regular enrollment in their center, but they are also running their summer camp program for young children. If you’re looking for full time activities for your child in the Summit County area, consider entering them into this fun program. Running through August 24th, Above & Beyond’s summer camp program is a great way for your child to continue to learn and socialize until school starts again. This program has all of the great benefits of the center’s regular service—full time. When your child is entered into the program, they will be given the opportunity to go on field trips with other children with your consent. Field trips will be taken to various locations that will stimulate your child’s curiosity. While you are at work you can feel confident that your child is not only being well cared for, but that they are receiving all of the great services that Above & Beyond has to offer.

All children deserve the opportunity to develop into the best person they can be. And enrolling your child into Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center is a great first step. If you are looking for a quality childcare center and educational daycare in the Summit County, Ohio area, give Above & Beyond a call at 330.374.1333. You can also find out more about their summer camp program for young children by visiting their facility on East Cuyahoga Falls Avenue in Akron, Ohio.

Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center, Inc.
131-135 East Cuyahoga Falls Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44310
Phone: 330.374.1333