Above & Beyond Helps Develop Social Skills & Encourages Learning for Children in the Summit County, Ohio Area

Are you ready for back to school in Summit County, Ohio? You probably have a list of supplies to purchase, and you’re slowly but surely putting together your student’s back to school wardrobe, but there’s that niggling feeling that there’s something you’re forgetting… Could it be an after school program for your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio child? Of course, you want something more for your child than a glorified babysitter. That’s where Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Akron, Ohio comes in. At this licensed childcare center, they do not simply “watch” your child, but provide engaging activities that assist in developing social skills and encourage learning in a fun environment.

So, what sets Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center apart from other daycare providers and after school programs, and how can they attain the incredible goals they have set for themselves? Above & Beyond is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. As such, they must comply with the regulations set forth by the state for safety guidelines and much more, including full background checks for their employees. However, Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center goes, well, above and beyond those basic requirements. They employ degree-holding, experienced teachers who will help your child to learn and grow in a kid-friendly, child-centric atmosphere. They also support their staff through ongoing training, personal, and professional development opportunities.

Now, you may be thinking that Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center sounds like the perfect place for your Summit County child, but you need more than just an after school program—you need an all-day program from a licensed childcare center. You’re in luck! Above & Beyond works with children as young as six weeks up to eleven years old. From a very early age, your Cuyahoga Falls child could begin developing social skills that will help him or her with everything from getting along on play dates to transitioning into a new school to becoming a successful adult.

The structured environment of many school systems can feel restrictive to some students. They may have difficulty concentrating on one subject for an extended period of time or the class may not move at the best pace for them. When they get out of the classroom and into Akron’s Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center, they can work in smaller groups with enthusiastic professionals who strive to encourage learning in a non-traditional setting—they even know how to disguise it as play!

Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center is even great for Summit County, Ohio adults. Not as students, of course, but the licensed childcare center‘s hours, 6am until 6pm, give you plenty of time to drop your child off before work or pick them up when the workday is done! If a fun, hands-on environment that encourages learning and works at developing social skills sounds like the right place for Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or Akron, Ohio child, whether after school or for the entire day, then it’s time to call Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center at 330.374.1333!

Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center, Inc.
131-135 East Cuyahoga Falls Avenue
Akron, Ohio 44310