August is Yellow Jacket Season in Stark County, Ohio! Call Bond Exterminating!

The month of August, although known for its warm days, cooler nights, and back to school preparations, is known as something else around the staff at Bond Exterminating:   Yellow Jacket, Hornet and Earwig season!  While we as humans would like to be enjoying the lingering days of summer for all they are worth, the Yellow Jackets and Hornets come out in full force.  They can be dangerous around your home and come out in large numbers this time of year.  They are aggressive insects, so if you suspect there is a nest in or around your Stark County, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; or Wayne County, Ohio home, trust a trained exterminator to eradicate the problem completely.  That way, you won’t waste time and money buying spray cans to use on what you think is a nest without getting any results.  The last thing you want to find is that there is a large bee’s nest inside the walls of your home that may come through your drywall!  Imagine, a swarm of bees dive bombing your family while you eat dinner!  It is best to know what to look for in an infestation and call Bond Exterminating before there is an emergency!

So, what should you be looking for this Yellow Jacket season?

  • Yellow Jackets bore into things to create their nests, so any small holes on porches, siding, cement blocks and landscaping items could be a place for a bee’s nest.
  • When workers are out (they tend to appear relatively hairless) they stay close to the ground, but when they are on their way back “home” they fly higher and faster, usually descending to the nest from a high dive.  If you see vertical-type diving going on, you may be close.
  • Yellow Jackets follow a flight pattern rather than flying around in all different directions.  If you notice several bees flying fast across a certain area of your yard, you have probably found their path to or from the nest. Let a trained exterminator know what you’ve found.

There are different types of Yellow Jacket and Hornet’s nests to be aware of and you may have one or several near your yard in Stark County or Wayne County.  One type is an aerial nest, which is found above ground level in a tree or high in a wall or roof.  Another type is a ground nest with a small hole where the Hornets enter. Hornet’s nests are also commonly found hanging in trees and tend to have a “football” like appearance.  This type of Hornet’s nest is the one that homeowners most often try to tackle on their own which can be dangerous.  The aggressive insects build their nests with intricate designs, so you can’t be sure that the product you intent to spray will even get to the insects inside.  The third type of nest is a wall void nest.  Sometimes Yellow Jackets decide to build a nest inside a building rather than outside. Common nest sites include wall voids, drop ceilings, attics, and voids in concrete block. Nests are usually the size of a basketball, but can grow ten times larger! No one wants those guests in their Summit County home!

Another unwelcome guest that comes out in full force this time of year are Earwigs.  The small ugly insects (although they have their purposes like eating the larvae of garden pests) are often moving into your home at this time of year because of the change in weather.  They like damp areas and are active at night.  If you have seen more than a few Earwigs roaming around your home, rely on Bond Exterminating to come out and remedy the infestation.

The quality service you will get from the expertly trained exterminators at Bond Exterminating will take care of the seasonal problem of Yellow Jackets for you.  They know how to get to the Yellow Jackets’ nest at the right time of day, treat the bee’s nest with chemicals, and have the proper safety gear to do the job.  Keep your backyard free of the bothersome buzzers and keep your family safe in Stark County, Ohio; Wayne County, Ohio; and Summit County, Ohio while enjoying the late summer sun. Don’t wait to allow the aggressive insects or even the creepy Earwigs become a large infestation. Call Bond Exterminating today at 330.678.0100 and schedule your Yellow Jacket removal.

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