Barrington Carpet Has the Eco-Friendly Carpeting You’ve Been Looking For in Akron, Ohio

Whether you’re a busy parent or a pet owner, you know that they can leave some serious messes on your carpet. Though you may have a carpet that claims to be stain resistant, it can wear off and leave your Summit County, Ohio home vulnerable to beverage and pet stains. If it’s time to replace that old carpet, Barrington Carpet in Akron, Ohio has the stain resistant flooring you need. Smartstrand Silk carpeting is the eco-friendly carpeting you’ve been looking for when it comes to stain resistance. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is also a healthier carpet in comparison to others because it doesn’t require harsh chemicals to clean or protect it. What’s stopping you from putting this luxuriously soft carpet in your Canton, Ohio home?

Barrington Carpet in Akron has a vast variety of flooring options, but none are quite as amazing as Smartstrand Silk. This amazing stain resistant flooring naturally resists food and beverage stains, including red wine and mustard. Looking for new flooring in your Summit County home? Smartstrand Silk has built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance that is not topically applied, but built into the fibers! With just water and a mild detergent, Smartstrand Silk can be cleaned, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals to clean and protect it. For this reason, Smartstrand Silk is also a healthier carpet that can be used throughout your Canton area home. Cleanups become safe, simple and quick with Smartstrand Silk. Not only this, but Smartstrand Silk is also eco-friendly carpeting. Smartstrand Silk fibers are 37% percent made from corn, primarily corn sugar. By reducing the use of petroleum dependency using corn, every 7 square yards of 40oz Smartstrand Silk saves 1 energy-equivalent gallon of gas when compared to the same amount of nylon. The amazing practical qualities of this product are infinite when it comes to having carpet whose protection never washes or wears off like the others. It’s not only good for your busy family, but it’s also a good option for your pets too! With the holidays drawing near, visit Barrington Carpet and see what Smartstrand Silk or other affordable Smartstrand items they have available for you. After all, you should be proud of your home; and with the plush, luxurious Smartstrand Silk carpet, you can be!

Life is messy when you have children, pets, or even that messy significant other, but that doesn’t mean it should be difficult to clean up. Barrington Carpet in Akron, Ohio has the Smartstrand Silk stain resistant flooring that you need. Voted #1 carpet in consumer satisfaction for the last 2 years, you know this eco-friendly carpet is the best way to go when carpeting your Canton, Ohio home. Because of its stain resistant qualities, this healthier carpet option is suitable for any room. Your Summit County, Ohio home should feel comfortable, especially under your feet. Don’t wait around, visit Barrington Carpet’s website at or call 330.896.4141 to learn about this great product and more!