BayLobsters Fish Market in Twinsburg for Northeast Ohio’s Best Seafood

BayLobsters Fish Market is bringing the best seafood to Northeast Ohio! No matter the miles between the hottest locations for seafood, like Boston, Hawaii, and Florida, you can get the best they have to offer right here in Northeast Ohio at BayLobsters Fish Market in Twinsburg.

BayLobsters Fish Market is not just committed to bringing you a variety of seafood from your favorite locales, but to bringing you the absolute best seafood 24 hour fresh. When shopping in Twinsburg for clams, shrimp, fish, and more, you will never have to worry about how long it has been sitting on ice or if it has already lost its flavor.

In addition to the best, freshest seafood available in Northeast Ohio, BayLobsters Fish Market can also help you with seafood prep items, like stockpots and burners. And, if it’s condiments you’re looking for, well they have you covered there, too. You can find cocktail sauce, remoulade, and tartar sauce as fresh as the seafood itself.

Once you have your cooking pots and your condiments, it’s time to choose what meal you want to prepare. Head over to the BayLobsters Recipes section on the website for preparation instructions for everything from fish to calamari and octopus! There are also recipes for crawfish, shellfish, and lobster. Additionally, if you’d rather create your own condiments for your seafood feast, check out the sauces, dips, and spreads recipes!

So, what if you love seafood, but not seafood preparation? Not to worry. BayLobster Fish Market has your favorite meals to go! While sit-down dining is not an option, you can still stop by this Twinsburg market and take home meals that are as fresh as the seafood that goes into them. Expect to find the best lobster rolls, salads with shrimp or tuna salad, crabcakes, and more. Of course, no seafood dinner is complete without the hushpuppies! There is a great selection of side dishes to complement your meal with equally fresh ingredients. Try the house slaw, tomato-cucumber salad, and vegetable medley, just to name a few.

Winter weather have you chilled to the bone? Warm up with some of the amazing soups available at BayLobsters Fish Market! A different delectable dish is featured each day. Try the Shrimp and Black Bean Soup, Oyster Stew, Smoked Salmon Bisque, or the new Scallop Soup. Some days, instead of a BayLobsters original, you may find one of their featured selections from nearby Russo’s Restaurant in Penninsula, like the Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo Yaya.

Health is always a concern when choosing foods, and fresh is best, but how the food is prepared makes a difference, as well. BayLobsters Fish Market uses trans-fat free canola oil. When you order a meal to go, you can rest assured that your meal will be cooked to order and prepared fresh just for you—no items that have been sitting under a warmer all day.

To find out more about the best, freshest seafood in Northeast Ohio, stop by the Twinsburg location. Read about the many different types of seafood and services available to you on their website at, and even enter to win a gift card on their Facebook page! For additional savings, stop by their page on!

BayLobsters Fish Market
9224 Darrow Road
Twinsburg, Ohio 44087
Phone: 330.486.0713
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:30am – 6:30pm, Sunday 12:00pm – 4:30pm