Bear Carpet One Floor & Home Talks about Carpet Specifications and What Malvern, Ohio Homeowners Should Know

If you recently began searching for carpet flooring to install in your Malvern, Ohio or Coshocton, Ohio home, you may have hit a wall or two. Having bought a home that already came with carpet, you may not have realized just how involved the process of selecting and purchasing carpet really is. With countless home carpet products on the market, each with their own carpet specifications, it can be hard to determine which is right for your own home. Thankfully, you won’t be bewildered by the task for long. Bear Carpet One Floor & Home knows how intimidating it can be for first-time carpet buyers, which is why they offer some helpful carpet advice to those perplexed by the rules of carpet. This well-known flooring dealer, located just a short distance from Navarre, Ohio, can help to simplify some of the terms you’ll hear when speaking to retail associates.

Many first-time carpet buyers struggle with the concept of face weight in regards to carpet. What exactly does this carpet specification mean? Does it really have an impact on the home carpet product you choose? Why does one flooring dealer emphasize face weight while another says not to worry? There are a number of things to take into consideration when shopping for carpet flooring, but many homeowners have little to no knowledge of this particular term. If you’re one such individual, you’ll be happy to learn that Bear Carpet One Floor & Home can provide an answer.

Face weight refers to the number of ounces of fiber per square yard of carpet. Similar to the thread count associated with sheets, the higher the face weight, the better the carpet flooring—in theory, anyway. You should also consider what material the fibers are made out of and how the carpet was constructed. While there are other aspects to look into when it comes to carpet, you shouldn’t discount the face weight of the home carpet product you’re interested in. And if the flooring dealer you’re working with avoids the subject, you may want to think about going elsewhere…

Bear Carpet One near Navarre knows that face weight isn’t a carpet specification that should be overlooked. Their carpet advice for first-time buyers? If an associate skips over the topic or hesitates when you ask about it, then chances are that you’re looking at a product that has a very low face weight. Since many homeowners aren’t familiar with carpet face weight, some dishonest retail associates believe they can pass off low-quality products as top-quality, leaving customers none the wiser.

So, aside from looking into face weight, what’s the best carpet advice Bear Carpet One Floor & Home can offer? Do some research beforehand. Taking the time to learn about carpet specifications can help prepare you for your carpet shopping excursion. When you know the questions to ask and the aspects to spot, you’ll be able to make a better decision for your Coshocton or Malvern home.

Interested in more carpet advice from Bear Carpet One Floor & Home? Then visit their website at This flooring dealer near Navarre, Ohio offers a number of resources for first-time carpet buyers so they can read up on carpet specifications and choose the best carpet flooring possible. If you have any questions about Bear Carpet One’s own selection of home carpet products, give them a call at 330.852.3890 or 888.789.9910. You can also take the trip from your Coshocton, Ohio or Malvern, Ohio home to peruse their inventory and speak with one of their friendly and knowledgeable associates.

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