Bond Exterminating Inc Co Protects Your Akron, Ohio Home from Eastern Subterranean Termites

You are sitting in your Portage County, Ohio home, feeling like a grown adult and then a bug comes running out of its hiding place. We’ve all been there. Various objects around your home get thrown in an effort to take out the unwelcomed guest without having to actually go anywhere near it. Now, imagine an entire colony of unwelcomed guests roaming through your Stark County, Ohio home. That’s how termites work. They like to move in their entire family, especially, Summit County, Ohio’s most common termite, the Eastern Subterranean termites. If you need pest control, you want to know you are getting the best. Bond Exterminating Co Inc is the expert exterminators in Medina County, Ohio and surrounding areas.

Termites can actually do some good in the world, out in nature. Not in your Stark County home. Termites cause more damage to homes a year than fires do. While termites are more common in older homes, controlling termites in brand new homes can be just as problematic. Termites are clingy, they don’t travel solo. They prefer to travel with everyone they’ve ever met. If you question having one, you probably have thousands.  Every second you spend second guessing if you have ants, termites or some other bugs, is time to allow them to invade and get comfortable in your Medina County home.

There are some tips you can take to prevent termites. Since termites are attracted to moisture, make sure you take care of any standing water in your home. This tip is especially useful for those in Summit County, as it is more inclined to endure the most rain. Remove any wood that is in contact with your soil and if possible, use wood species that are less favorable to termites, such as redwood, juniper and cedar. Seal any cracks you may have in your foundation. If you have any lose lumber or firewood near your home, it should be stacked up off the ground. Cut plants and all other vegetation away from your foundation. Ideally, a fresh coat of paint and updated repairs can act as a repellent and keep termites away as well. Even with all of these prevention tips, it can be hard to keep Eastern Subterranean Termites out of your home. When these tips do not work, you will need professional pest control in Portage County.

Termites can be hard to identify, especially to those that have never seen them before. Termites look like small ants. The difference being that ants have a bent antennae that is often bent to a right angle, while the termites antennae is bent in a curved angle. A termite’s midsection is broader than the ant’s midsection as well. If you suspect you have been invaded, you can check the cracks in your foundation. Termites will leave small mud tunnels leading from the soil to your foundation. Lastly, any wood damage should be a sure sign that you have been invaded. However, if you do not want to get that close to examine the curve of the antennae; you can call Northeast Ohio’s expert exterminator, Bond Exterminating Co Inc.

No matter how many prevision methods you take as a home owner, the Eastern Subterranean Termite can show up in any home. If you question having termites or any other form of insect, Bond Exterminating Co Inc, can help get rid of your problem and help you take the extra steps to prevent further invasions. When it comes to creepy crawlers, you want to make sure you are getting expert exterminators. To be sure that you are, call Bond Exterminating, serving Medina, Portage, Stark, & Summit counties at 330-678-0100.