Bond Exterminating Keeps You Bug-Free with Insect Prevention Tips & Professional Pest Control in Akron, Ohio

This summer certainly has flown by!  Suddenly, we find ourselves sending our Summit County, Ohio children back to school and enjoying cooler evenings.  Autumn will truly be here before you know it!  With the cooler temperatures comes the movement from outdoor fun to indoor activities, and you won’t be the only ones seeking the warmth and comfort inside your home.  The time has come to take a look at indoor insect prevention and pest deterrents for your Akron, Ohio or Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio home. This fall, do not invite creepy crawlers and itsy bitsy spiders (and just for the record, there is no such thing as a tiny spider!) to share the warmth of your home; send them the signal and serve them the papers that Nancy and the professional pest control experts at Bond Exterminating have a license to kill…and they mean business!

Fall is a time of cooler temperatures. And just like humans, insects are looking to pack up their vacation home and head for warmer places. It is safe to assume that bugs look at your home as sort of a winter vacation spot! So, Bond Exterminating is going to give you a perspective on your Summit County home from a bug’s view! This will help turn the “no vacancy” sign on, when the insects bring their entire family to your house for a little rest and relaxation.

First and foremost, when it comes to indoor insect prevention is this: a clean house is a critter free house! You have seen the episodes of Hoarders…every shot is filled with some unidentifiable creature running over and under items stacked to the ceiling. This is like the Disneyland of vacation homes for insects. Insects love to hide! And clutter makes the perfect secret hideout! Eliminate clutter from your home and your garage! Newspapers and magazines need to be read and recycled in a timely manner! Dirty laundry needs to be kept in closed hampers, and keep floors clear of piles and clutter.

Next, there is nothing worse than finding bugs in your food and pantry, but there’s no better pest deterrent than a good, tight lid! Dry foods that are opened, like cereal, rice, snacks, etc.…all should be kept in a sealed air tight container. Food should not be left opened out on the counters; place any opened containers or food in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Leaving items sit out is like an open invitation for insects to come and feast upon the buffet! A kitchen is like the lido deck of your home, providing food and water for insects looking to make your Cuyahoga Falls their home too! Dishes in the sink add for a fun night of insect cannonballs into the kitchen sink. If you can’t get to your dishes right away, at least load them in the dishwasher and shut the door tight! Items in cupboards, like the toaster, need to have the crumbs brushed out after every use. And make sure to wipe any spills immediately! A sticky sweet puddle on the floor is like nectar of the gods for ants!

Bond Exterminating’s professional pest control experts also remind you that if a non-human also lives with you in your Akron area home, Fluffy might be secretly sending out invitations without your knowledge. Some bugs like pet foods and some bugs like the end result of pet food (emphasis on “end”). As with food in your kitchen, pet food should be sealed in air tight containers, litter boxes should be emptied on a regular basis, and your pet’s toys and bedding should be washed and sanitized from time to time.

Now, if you have put all of these indoor insect prevention and pest deterrent tips from Nancy at Bond Exterminating into practice, and a fleet of insects have decided to set sail in your home, never fear! Bond Exterminating will be there just in time to wish those pesky little creatures a Bon Voyage…right out of your home! Call the professional pest control experts at Bond Exterminating today for a free quote, just minutes from Akron, Ohio and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and anywhere in Summit County, Ohio…330-724-7700!