Bond Exterminating Offers Pest Prevention Tips and Provides Insect & Pest Removal throughout Portage County, Ohio

Feeling a little warm these days?  Maybe more like…it is Hot! Hot! Hot! If you’re in the Kent, Ohio area, definitely what you’re feeling.  At least, whenever you venture outside, that is. And while you’re keeping cool inside your Ravenna, Ohio home, all those pesky little creatures are trying to do the same thing—stay cool inside YOUR home! So now, those creepy crawlers have you running outside while they are enjoying the air conditioning inside! It is time to give them their moving papers! Call Nancy at Bond Exterminating, she has a license to kill those annoying insects throughout Portage County, Ohio and surrounding areas, and she will use it for insect and pest removal in your home! Those unwanted visitors have been keeping Bond Exterminating pretty busy these days! Nancy, owner of Bond Exterminating would like to offer some advice on pest prevention to keep the pests out of your house!

Homeowners in Kent and neighboring Ravenna take note! Bond Exterminating is providing you with a “Homeowners Checklist” to prepare your home for the remainder of the summer and into the fall months. (Gasp!) First, it’s time to seal up your house! Pest prevention begins outdoors, so take a walk around your house. Check for any nook, cranny, crack, or crevice that a potential insect or even critter could get into. Don’t forget to check the trim around siding, windows, and doors! Once you have identified these areas of possible entry, close up shop! That’s right: fill them up with caulk, and the door is closed for those insects seeking a new home! While you are outside inspecting your home, do not overlook the areas that cables enter your home or boxes that house meters. Apply caulk around the cable and internet connections, and be sure to open the meter boxes and spray with a pesticide! And as long as you still have the caulk gun in hand, be sure to inspect the foundation. If you find a gap in the walls, cement block, or if your home has stucco, be sure to seal that up as well!

Now, it’s time to take an investigative look around your yard for more areas that may require insect and pest removal! Landscaping is the perfect breeding ground for insects! Insects love to live under decorative rocks and beams because they offer shade and a cool place to “hide out”! Lift these items up and kill what creatures you find and fill the open air areas with gravel or expansion foam. Areas of landscaping that house ponds or waterfalls are the perfect meeting and breeding place for mosquitoes! Nancy from Bond Exterminating has a solution for that too! Just mention to her the area of your problem and she can recommend a solution to the problem. Of course, if the mosquitoes are holding a family reunion in your backyard, then it might be time for Nancy to pull out her license and send them packing!

Finally, unlike humans, insects have the ability to fly through the air! Be sure to check your roofline. Many insects can enter your home in Portage County simply by crawling in through the gaps between the eaves, joints, and trim. As usual, fill these gaps up with caulk or for bigger holes, use expansion foam to fill and seal the area.

These are just a few tips to secure the borders of your home. By following these simple pest prevention techniques, you may save yourself a call for insect and pest removal down the line. However, if once your Portage County, Ohio home is secure, you still find that something slipped past your perimeter, then report any unwanted invasions to Bond Exterminating in Kent, Ohio! Nancy, the owner, services all of Northeast, Ohio and can be at your Ravenna, Ohio door in no time to use her license to kill! Call today for a free quote at 330-724-7700.