Bond Exterminating Pest Control Specials to Let You Get a “Jump” on the Bugs in Kent, Ohio and Portage County, Ohio!

Record breaking temperatures have been reported in Kent, Ohio, Portage County, Ohio and throughout Northeast Ohio, and while many people were enjoying the unseasonably mild winter, the creatures that lurk in and around your home were having a little fiesta of their own to celebrate! And the party will only continue to grow until you put a stop to it with quality pest control from Bond Exterminating!

Bond Exterminating has a license to kill all over Northeast Ohio! Nancy, the owner of Bond Exterminating, recently commented that she has seen invasions of insects that are not typically seen until the summer months. To combat this early penetration, Bond Exterminating is now offering pest control specials. It’s never too early to start, and seeing as the season for insects is way ahead of schedule, you should be too!

If you’ve been asking yourself why you’re seeing so many bugs and a need for pest control this early in the year, you have Kent and Portage County’s “warm” winter to thank for it. While snow plowing and deicing were kept to a minimum, the lack of an extended deep freeze had a side effect that is only now being fully recognized. Very few things survive at temperatures below ten degrees Fahrenheit, and extended freezes take care of all manner of annoyances, like allergens and bugs. The winter of 2011-2012 had little to offer in the way of bitter cold temperatures, and we’re feeling the effects now. Just as people who have never experienced allergy issues before suddenly find themselves with itchy, watery eyes and sneezing attacks, homeowners who have never had problems with pests suddenly find themselves with ants, earwigs, and more.

Bond Exterminating is offering “early bird” pest control specials on services such as outdoor perimeter spray which focuses on bees, wasps, ants, and yellow jackets. Another pesky pest is that annoying little mosquito… Bond Exterminating offers baiting and fogging for mosquitos…don’t let the threat of West Nile worry you!

If you live in Kent, Ohio or anywhere in Portage County, Ohio a common and costly problem is termites and carpenter ants. Left untreated, these insects can cause severe structural damage to your home!

Bond Exterminating offers free in home inspections. If you think these tiny little creatures are making your Portage County, Ohio home their home, call Bond Exterminating today toll free, 800-733-4007 or in the Kent, Ohio area 330-678-0100, and don’t forget to ask about current pest control specials. Bond Exterminating, serving Northeast Ohio with a license to kill!