Bond Exterminating: Your Trusted Extermination Team in Portage & Summit County, Ohio

The weather has already dipped down fairly low recently, even though we are only in the early days of October, .Now is the time that many of us in the Portage County, Ohio and Aummit County, Ohio areas will turn up the thermostat, grab a comfy blanket, and curl up with our loved ones and a cup of hot apple cider. Unfortunately, this is also the time when annoying pests like to intrude on our cozy autumn moments! As the temperatures start to decrease, these critters find their way into your home, turning it into a safe haven for insects and rodents. In order to clear out bugs and mice from your Akron, Ohio residence, you need a trusted extermination team like the one from Bond Exterminating. This Kent, Ohio company will stop pest infestation in its tracks and return your home to its rightful owner—you!

Many people think that once the cold weather hits the Summit County and Portage County areas, insects and other irritating creatures will simply die off or dig themselves into the ground. While that may be true for some, others will find a way to sneak into your Akron residence. So, what kind of pests do you have to look out for? How about mice, termites, earwigs, cockroaches, and carpenter ants? These pesky little creatures are small and can fit through tight spots in your home. All it takes is a gap in your window, a space in your foundation, or just an open door to let in these uninvited guests. Your best bet to stop pest infestation is to prevent it from ever starting. Make sure that your door and window screens are intact, fill any holes around the outside of your home, and seal off any gaps around windows and doors. But what happens if you’ve done all of that and a small family of insects still moves in? You make a call to Bond Exterminating.

With a successful track record of insect and rodent elimination, Bond Exterminating has proven itself to residents in Kent and the surrounding areas. This trusted extermination team has the skills and equipment needed to clear out bugs and mice from your house. If you’ve been unsuccessful in your efforts to keep out such creatures, Bond Exterminating will make sure that they are destroyed so you can take back your home!

This time of year is the favorite of many of us in the Summit County, Ohio and Portage County, Ohio areas. You should be jumping into leaves, taking in the beautiful scenery, or curling up with a cup of hot apple cider. You shouldn’t have to deal with the unexpected arrival of pests in your Akron, Ohio home! So, if you need help to clear out bugs and mice from your residence, you need to call the trusted extermination team at Bond Exterminating. This Kent, Ohio company will stop pest infestation and give you back your rightful property. To find out more about how Bond Exterminating can help you, give them a call at 330.678.0100.