Building 9 Has Discount Composite Decking for Outdoor Entertaining & More in Hartville, Ohio

Sunshine and warmer weather has arrived in Northeast Ohio, and with it comes backyard barbeques, outdoor entertaining, and more! Visit Building 9 in Massillon or Akron to pick up composite decking at the best prices available to build or remodel your Hartville, Ohio area deck. Your deck will be perfect for entertaining your guests this summer and for years to come!

Building 9 has famous, national name brand composite decking at discount prices you won’t find anywhere else that will allow your deck project to be completed for a fraction of the cost! You can choose from a variety of colors and shades, and because it is not paint or stain, you will not find yourself resealing or repainting your deck year after year.

Composite decking stands up against the ravages of weather in Hartville and throughout Northeast Ohio. The colors are fade resistant, and often experience only a minimal loss of their original tone, and they do not peel like painted wood.

Aside from being colorfast, another advantage of composite decking is its ability to withstand water and pest damage. Composite decking is like other composite woods in that it is made by combining sawdust with a resin binder, then compressing them to form a tightly packed board. These deck planks will work just like regular lumber, and can be cut and installed just like more traditional wood deck planks (but without the risk of nasty splinters!).

Unlike traditional lumber, composite deck planks are not a preferred snack for wood destroying pests that are common almost everywhere, including your Hartville backyard. Termites, carpenter ants, and the like are attracted only to wood, and the resin additive and plastic coating on most composite planks act as deterrents to these tiny invaders. A plastic top layer that covers exposed wood is a far more effective form of protection from water damage, such as rot, than typical sealants. Some brands, such as CorrectDeckCX®, which is available at Building 9, also include an antimicrobial additive that helps to protect mold and mildew. This is an incredible advantage as it is very difficult to clean mildew from wood deck planks, and often leads to the planks needing to be replaced.

Cleaning is easier, in general, with composite decking. The plastic that is included in the material makes it naturally stain resistant. If potential stains are attended to quickly, usually with just soap and water, they can usually be avoided entirely. General upkeep usually includes regular sweeping to keep the deck clear of debris, and hosing it off about twice a year.

If you’re environmentally conscious, you can set your mind at ease by building with composite decking. Because the primary components are wood by-products and plastics, you are not contributing to the loss of any trees!

To get the best price on composite decking for your upcoming Hartville, Ohio home improvement project, visit Building 9 in Massillon or Akron today—consumers and contractors welcome! You can also visit to learn more about their selection, and even how to measure for your new deck!

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