Building 9 Offers Replacement Windows to Help You Reduce Energy Expenses for the Wooster, Ohio Area

No one wants to think about it, but we don’t have much choice. By this time next month in Wayne County, Ohio, we could be battling frost. Of course, a week later, it could be back to 80 degree temperatures in Wooster, Ohio. Nevertheless, with energy costs on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to keep those costs down in our Dalton, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio homes. The first step in reducing your energy bill is to look for places in your home where you may be leaking precious heat (and money): your windows. Top quality Silver Line® by Andersen windows are available at Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio at close-out prices, and the time to buy is now! One trip to Building 9 will help you reduce energy expenses, save on windows, and even save on installation.

You’re probably thinking that “close-out” automatically means that you’re going to be stuck with a limited selection of styles or that Building 9 won’t be able to provide the quantity that you need. Fortunately, this is not the case at all! Building 9 in Massillon has several sizes in-stock every day. However, there since there are so many available options with replacement windows, it would be impossible to keep everything in the store, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Building 9 is happy to special order sizes as needed. Only minutes from Dalton, it’s definitely worth the quick trip to Building 9 to find out more about special ordering these name brand windows.

Silver Line® by Andersen windows area available in single hung for new construction, as well as double hung replacement windows in both the 1200 Series and the 8500 Series. The 1200 Series windows offer simple, clean lines that won’t detract from your décor. The windows in the 8500 Series feature a colonial brickmold design to enhance the look of the frame. All Silver Line® windows offer easy cleaning with tilt-in sashes at the top and bottom.

Of course, if you’ve been researching new or replacement windows to increase efficiency in your Orrville home and reduce energy expenses, then you probably already knew that Silver Line® by Andersen was the way to go. But, perhaps you’ve had to delay your purchase, needing to save up some money for your investment. However, all it takes is a single trip to Building 9, and you’ll find that your new windows are in within reach due to their outstanding prices. Once you see how much you’ll save on windows for your Dalton or Wooster home improvement project, you may want to take the time to browse the rest of the store to find out all of the other products you can pick up at close-out prices. In addition to getting the best imaginable price on your Wayne County replacement windows, you can also save on installation by talking to the experts at your new favorite home improvement store!

Building 9 has two convenient locations to serve you—Massillon, Ohio and Akron, Ohio. It’s only a quick, scenic drive from Wooster, Ohio, and you won’t regret making the trip. Every time you receive a bill and see how much your new Silver Line® by Andersen windows helped you to reduce energy expenses in your Orrville, Ohio or Dalton, Ohio home, you will be glad you shopped with Building 9. When you add up your energy savings with how much you were able to save on windows and save on installation, you’ll be planning out your next Wayne County, Ohio project and your next trip to Building 9! For more information about Building 9 or Silver Line® replacement window, head over to or call “Ohio’s Largest Discount Building Materials Warehouse” at 800.978.3428 today!