Call the Affordable Exterminators at Bond Exterminating in Kent, Ohio to Eradicate Winter Pests

Did you know that insects survive winter in a number of interesting ways? The beetles, moths, butterflies, and dragonflies that seem to go away when it gets cold are actually closer than you may think. Some are tucked into trees in Ravenna, Ohio while others are underwater in Kent, Ohio and Stow, Ohio. Wasps, on the other hand, prefer eaves and attics of houses and barns in Portage County, Ohio and beyond. This makes them winter pests that you may need a licensed exterminator from the team of affordable exterminators at Bond Exterminating to eradicate.

Before we delve into what could be making a home in your eaves or buzzing about your barn, let’s explore the interesting. And since beetles are popular in Portage County and all other parts of Northeast Ohio, we’ll start with their winter habits. Some, like the Ladybird Beetle, congregate and hibernate at high elevations. And they do so as adults unlike most moths that make it through winter as pupae.

This is why we tend to see so many beetles when the weather warms up. It’s also why we see a flurry of butterflies with winter habits befitting beetles at the same time. The Mourning Cloak Butterfly, for example, chooses tree holes and other like spaces. What’s interesting about this particular butterfly is that it reduces the water in its body and builds up its internal supply of glycerol in winter. And the glycerol acts like antifreeze.

Popular insects like the dragonfly spend winter in water similar to the ponds in Ravenna and the lakes and streams in Kent and Stow. At least those that like the dragonfly, have a nymph stage in their life cycle. This is the stage post-hatching where the insect lives in water. And what you may find surprising is that they feed and grow all winter even when their watery homes freeze over. Then, they emerge in spring as the winged adults we’re accustomed to seeing.

Unfortunately, there may be some winged adult insects taking shelter in your attic or barn right now. Yes, we’re speaking of wasps that prefer to spend the coldest part of the year with you. What’s worse is that it’s the larger versions of these winter pests that are partial to private residences. And as the affordable exterminators at Bond Exterminating point out, wasps can construct an intimidating hive and prove to be problematic nuisances upon sight. Hence the sense in calling a licensed exterminator for swift and thorough eradication.

So, make note of this number – 330.678.0100 – and call Bond Exterminating for a property inspection or an eviction of winter pests. The company serves areas in and near Portage County, Ohio including Ravenna, Ohio and Stow, Ohio. With a team of experienced, affordable exterminators on staff, Bond Exterminating can have a licensed exterminator in your home in no time!

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