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Humans aren’t the only creatures that seek warm spaces in winter. We are, however, the only ones that create comfortable homes filled with them. Family rooms in Kent, Ohio and Stow, Ohio are ideal examples just like bedrooms in Akron, Ohio and Canton, Ohio. That’s why they’re all perfect places for bugs and rodents to seek refuge. Considering the many nooks and crannies in which insects and animals can hide and multiply in our homes; it’s no wonder it takes professional exterminators to get rid of pests. And the team at your local pest control company, Bond Exterminating, is up to the challenge.

Bed bugs, stink bugs, spiders, mice, and rats lead the list of home invaders in Northeast Ohio. You’ve surely heard enough about bed bugs to know that they’re a problem. Homes, hotels, offices, and even airports have been plagued by these tiny, rapidly multiplying nuisances. And spiders, mice, and rats are some of the most common targets of efforts to get rid of pests. But you may not know about the recent proliferation of Asian stink bugs. So, these uninvited guests will be the focus of our little chat.

Now an official invasive species, the brown marmorated stink bug made its first notable impression in the US in 1998. It was collected in Pennsylvania although it is native to Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan. At the time, the aptly dubbed Asian stink bug set off alarms simply because it was found thriving so far outside of its natural habitat. Over the years, however, concerns about the bug’s presence in one state have spread to several states including Ohio.

Seafaring ships are suspected of transporting the bug from Asia to the US. But this common belief may never be confirmed or debunked since most folks want to get rid of pests rather than pinpoint their arrival time. And now is the time when people in places like Kent, Stow, Akron, and Canton will find getting rid of stink bugs a priority. Reason being, the bugs begin seeking warmth and safety from predators in fall and they keep running until spring.

Homes are one of the first places stink bugs seek refuge. They slip into cracks and under baseboards. They also hide around windows, door trim, and light fixtures just as they attempt to make permanent homes in ceilings. The sheer number of potential hiding places is why it takes professional exterminators to get rid of pests completely. Store bought products and the good intentions may stop the bugs you see. But the professional exterminators from your local pest control company can put an end to those you can’t find or know to look for.

So, if its thorough extermination services you want, call Bond Exterminating at 330.678.0100. The professional exterminators at your local pest control company can get rid of pests that have already invaded your space and defend your home from future invaders. With their help, the only guests to your home in Akron, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; or Canton, Ohio will be the people you invite over.

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