Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Summit County, Ohio is a Social Learning Place!

The time is swiftly approaching: It’s back to school and fall enrollment time for schools and childcare centers everywhere!  The school supply shelves are stocked and waiting to be picked over, and your child magically seems to have grown a foot in the past 2 months.  After all the shopping and stocking up is finished, it becomes that fateful first day of school all too soon.  As a parent in Akron, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; or other places around Summit County, Ohio, the choice of where to send your child or children is something you don’t take lightly.  Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center will provide excellent care for your child or children from ages 6 weeks to 11 years old.  Not only will they have a safe place to go for the day (or just for a while after school) but also a place of social learning with an educated staff.

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Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Akron, Ohio Offers Year-Round Child Care Enrollment

Above & Beyond Early Childcare Development Center in Akron, Ohio can help alleviate the headache of finding a child care center and being able to make enrollment times by having year-round child care enrollment at their facility! Above & Beyond has degreed and experienced teachers to help make your child’s time there a fruitful one. Your child can engage in learning through a variety of play in this hands-on learning environment that encourages growth of the individual child. If you live in Summit County, Ohio and need a childcare facility that can take care of your young child’s needs, Above & Beyond is the place to go. This licensed center not only helps with the learning development of the child but serves nutritional meals and snacks throughout the day. It’s not often you find a facility that has the ability to support diverse learning opportunities for the children it takes care of. Knowing that Above & Beyond Early Childcare Development Center in the Tallmadge, Ohio area has the professionals to take care of your child and help them learn while they’re there, why choose anywhere else?

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Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center Is Offering Fall Enrollment in Akron, Ohio!

It’s time to welcome autumn! Fall brings change to Tallmadge, Ohio and the surrounding Summit County, Ohio area. A change of seasons with beautiful colors, cooler temperatures, a whole new wardrobe, and more. While change can often be a good thing, sometimes change can cause a disruption in your daily routine. Either way, change takes some getting used to! Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Akron, Ohio realizes that as life changes, the need for childcare changes as well. That’s why parents in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio turn to Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center to provide them with the best childcare assistance around. And if change has brought you in search of a place for quality education and supervision, good news! Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center is now accepting children for fall enrollment. The professionals at Above and Beyond know that daycare for fall is not only an adjustment for the children, but for caretakers as well. Below are a few ideas that can make the transition to Above and Beyond Early Childhood Development Center a smooth and happy process for all of those involved!

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Above & Beyond Helps Develop Social Skills & Encourages Learning for Children in the Summit County, Ohio Area

Are you ready for back to school in Summit County, Ohio? You probably have a list of supplies to purchase, and you’re slowly but surely putting together your student’s back to school wardrobe, but there’s that niggling feeling that there’s something you’re forgetting… Could it be an after school program for your Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio child? Of course, you want something more for your child than a glorified babysitter. That’s where Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center in Akron, Ohio comes in. At this licensed childcare center, they do not simply “watch” your child, but provide engaging activities that assist in developing social skills and encourage learning in a fun environment.

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Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center Is Summit County, Ohio’s Educational Daycare and Quality Childcare Center

Everyone wants the absolute best for their child, and we do our best to provide it within our means. Sometime, this means compromising; giving them the best that’s available to us, even if something better exists.  Probably no one understands this better than working parents in the Summit County, Ohio area. You want your child to have every opportunity to grow, learn, and play, but you have to work to provide for your family, and you’re not always there to monitor what your child is doing. With summertime in full swing and school out of session, finding the means to educate and entertain your child is even more difficult. No matter the time of year, finding a quality childcare center to which you can entrust your child is a daunting task. Fortunately, this is one area in which you do not have to compromise because there’s an exceptional educational daycare facility right in Akron, Ohio: Above & Beyond Early Childhood Development Center. Now offering enrollment in their learning center and a full time summer camp program for young children, Above & Beyond will provide a safe and healthy environment in which your child can grow. Continue reading