The Pierogi Lady Will Be Participating in the Celebrity Chef Event on October 27th in Tallmadge, Ohio!

We’re a very fortunate bunch to live in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and Akron, Ohio area. Not only do we reside in a region with numerous sports events, activities, and local hot spots to keep us entertained, but we are also lucky to have so many talented people living in our midst. And one of the most well-known individuals in the area just happens to be The Pierogi Lady! If you’ve never had the opportunity to partake in a plate of Autumn Johnston’s delectable homemade pierogies, you’re missing out on something really special. Fortunately, The Pierogi Lady will be appearing at the Celebrity Chef event sponsored by the Tallmadge Lions Club this October. If you would love to satisfy your taste buds with popular local dishes from a specialty food buffet, you need to purchase your ticket for this Tallmadge, Ohio fundraiser today!

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Building 9 Offers Replacement Windows to Help You Reduce Energy Expenses for the Wooster, Ohio Area

No one wants to think about it, but we don’t have much choice. By this time next month in Wayne County, Ohio, we could be battling frost. Of course, a week later, it could be back to 80 degree temperatures in Wooster, Ohio. Nevertheless, with energy costs on the rise, we’re all looking for ways to keep those costs down in our Dalton, Ohio and Orrville, Ohio homes. The first step in reducing your energy bill is to look for places in your home where you may be leaking precious heat (and money): your windows. Top quality Silver Line® by Andersen windows are available at Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio at close-out prices, and the time to buy is now! One trip to Building 9 will help you reduce energy expenses, save on windows, and even save on installation.

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Building 9 Has Energy Efficient Replacement Windows at Closeout Costs for Medina County, Ohio

When you see the bright yellow and red of Building 9 in Akron, Ohio, follow your instinct to slow down and stop!  Why?  To save money (in the store and at home) when you take advantage of all the closeout cost replacement windows they have in stock! With the dog days of summer upon Medina County, Ohio and temperatures some days well above 100 degrees it’s time to replace those old worn out windows! Think of it this way: you wouldn’t turn on the air conditioning and open up all the windows would you? No way! But that is exactly what you are doing with the older windows in your Wadsworth, Ohio or Seville, Ohio home…letting the cool air slip right out the window! No wonder the electric bills are so high! But, when you replace those windows with Silver Line® by Andersen energy efficient windows from Building 9, the heating and cooling savings come pouring into your pocket, not flying out of your Sharon Center, Ohio window! Continue reading

Rufener Hilltop Farms’ Family Owned Market for Garden Fresh Produce near Akron, Kent, & Summit County, Ohio

While we all love summertime in Northeast Ohio, the humidity has been unbearable lately! Many of you in the Summit County, Ohio area have been cranking up your air conditioning and staying indoors. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky—those individuals who work outdoors have to endure the stifling heat without the comfort of air conditioning. Take the folks at Rufener Hilltop Farms for example. These individuals continue to work outside in the fields, picking garden fresh produce to bring into their family-owned market. And they do it all for you! Rufener Hilltop Farms knows how much its Kent, Ohio and Akron, Ohio customers depend on it for convenient shopping, and this is one business that isn’t going to let its customers down! Luckily we seem to be experiencing a slight cooling off period in the area. Take advantage of these lower temperatures and check out the newest fruits and vegetables at Rufener Hilltop Farms! Continue reading

Regency Wine Sellers Has Summit County Special Wine Events & More

Regency Wine Sellers in Fairlawn, Summit County, Ohio sets itself “apart from the ordinary” with special wine events each month, including two events this week! Aside from being able to shop an extraordinary variety of wines from across the country, you will also have the opportunity to explore new wines firsthand and even create your own special blend. Continue reading

Farm Stand in Portage Lakes Ohio…Check Out Figaro Farms Fresh Market Today!

Figaro Farms does a whole lot more than any so-called “Farm Stand” ever heard of. Andy and Kathy, the owners at Figaro Farms, operate a 97 acre farm in Portage Lakes, Ohio that produces an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. From this abundance they are able to provide the community with an amazing assortment of fresh and delicious food throughout the year. Figaro Farms Fresh Market is your local market with a whole lot more. Continue reading