Check out Live Entertainment from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Summit County, Ohio This March

We’re getting closer and closer to the month of March and you know what that means—Akron, Ohio’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade is right around the corner! And with it, all kinds of great events celebrating this fun Irish holiday, including shows featuring the Irish dance performers from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. As the Celtic Storm team from this local dance institute perform in Green, Ohio and throughout Summit County, Ohio every year, those who are interested can support them by checking out one of their upcoming events, participating in their dance fundraiser, or even hiring them as live entertainment for a gathering!

While March is undoubtedly the busiest month for students at MacConmara Academy, they certainly aren’t slacking off right now! Not only is Marcus Maloney—well-known Irish dancer, choreographer, and instructor—visiting this local dance institute in order to teach a workshop, but many of MacConmara’s students are preparing for some major competitions coming up soon. As both the World Irish Dance Championships and North American Irish Dance Championships will be going on in just a few months, Irish dancers of all ages are practicing hard in order to do their best and hopefully bring home a trophy. However, in order to travel to the far-off locations where these competitions are held, those at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance who will be participating are also working to get the funds that they need for the trip. Anyone who wants to give their support to these ambitious young dancers can do so by taking part in their dance fundraiser this April. As MacConmara’s students will be at Legends Sports Pub & Grille in Green on April 6th, local residents can visit this nearby pub and contribute to the dance fundraiser while watching these talented dancers perform.

The Celtic Storm dance team will also be doing the jig all over the Summit County area this March! In addition to being in the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade in Akron on March 15th, Celtic Storm will be providing live entertainment at a number of different venues this month to celebrate the Irish holiday. Not only can you see them on St. Patrick’s Day at Legends, but you can also visit MacConmara Academy’s website to see where else these Irish dance performers will be in the coming month. And if you would like to hire MacConmara’s Irish dance performers as live entertainment for your own event, you can easily do so by giving this local dance institute a call!

To learn more about what MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance has coming up, visit their website at Not only do they list the times and dates for Celtic Storm’s upcoming appearances at the St. Patrick’s Day parade and show at Legends in Green, Ohio, but other events around the Summit County, Ohio area as well as their dance fundraiser. If you have any questions or would like to hire MacConmara’s Irish dance performers for live entertainment at your event, give this dance institute a call at 330.608.6959.

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