Chimney Soot and Birds in the Chimney Are Problems Solved by Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio

You’ve spent months curled up in front of your fireplace feeling the warmth, admiring the glow, and hearing the crackle of soothing fires. While you likely removed leftover firewood bits and swept the ashes out of sight, chances are slim that you spent any time removing chimney soot. Now spring is here and it’s time to call Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio and schedule a chimney cleaning service. The chimney sweeper job is not a favorite for most homeowners in Lakemore, Ohio; Hartville, Ohio; or Green, Ohio. But it’s a job well done by the chimney service and repair experts at Fireplaces & More. They can also inspect or replace your chimney cap and end your bird problems before they begin. Birds in the chimney can end up being birds in the living room without an efficient bird barrier in place.

Chimney soot is black, powdery, and sticky because it’s actually small particles of partially burned fuel and firewood. It clings to the inner walls of your chimney and often forms clumps. It also gets packed into your exhaust pipes and can lead to clogs. If you’ve ever noticed a yellow glow on your fire, consider the presence of soot in your house confirmed. The substance radiates colors in the yellow to red electromagnetic spectrum and creates a glow that can be rather beautiful. But if you do not assign the chimney sweeper job to someone in your house or schedule a chimney cleaning service with Fireplaces & More, lingering chimney soot can cause chimney fires and other problems that are not so cute.

Since it’s a sticky powder and not a stable solid, chimney soot can get around. It can collect on the vents in your home and cause them to look dirty and black. It can also find its way onto all of your fabrics including furniture, curtains, lampshades, and clothes. And let’s not forget about your walls, ceilings, and floors. Soot stains these highly visible surfaces so much the term “ghosting” has been assigned to the discoloration process. If you don’t already feel the need to call Fireplaces & More in Uniontown and schedule a chimney cleaning service, think about inhaling those tiny, sticky, powdery particles. They are so tiny until they do not get caught up in the human upper respiratory tract but instead go straight into the lungs.

Birds in the chimney are a different yet related issue. Sure they make for pleasant sights fluttering around out back or mingling with the blooms in your garden. But should they decide to nest in your chimney, your bird pleasures can quickly become bird problems. Bird nests can form obvious blockages and leave soot with nowhere to go but down. The movement and shifting of branches and twigs that goes into the building of bird nests can disturb soot and send small particles or large clumps crashing down in your Lakemore living room. Here in Ohio, birds known as Chimney Swifts live statewide. So the chances of birds in the chimney of your Green or Hartville home are higher than you would likely hope for.

The best thing to do is follow the advice of homeowners and health officials and have your chimney cleaned. Call the chimney service and repair experts at Fireplaces & More today at 330.896.3500 and check out their website at Schedule a chimney cleaning service for your Lakemore, Ohio; Green, Ohio; or Hartville, Ohio home before chimney soot starts staking its claim all over your house. And be sure to ask them to check out your chimney cap before you find yourself dealing with the effects of birds in the chimney. The Chimney Swift can be averted by a visit from the chimney sweeper. Let Fireplaces & More get the grime out of your chimney and prevent bird problems today!

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