Devitis Italian Deli & Market Helps Cooks Create Delicious Italian Cuisine in Akron, Ohio!

A question that plagues many of us in the Akron, Ohio area daily. “What should I make for dinner?” It can be extremely difficult to come up with new and tasty meal ideas, particularly if you have a couple of picky eaters in your family! Fortunately, DeVitis Italian Deli & Market offers a variety of mouthwatering ingredients at their local Italian grocery store. From spices to fresh vegetables, meats to noodles, you can get everything you need to make delicious Italian cuisine in the comfort of your Fairlawn, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio home. Plus, you can cook up a meal that your whole family will love by picking up a jar of homemade pasta sauce from DeVitis! Their family recipe marinara doesn’t receive praise from DeVitis shoppers for nothing!

When you think about creating a pasta dish for any meal, there are a few key ingredients that you need to have on hand. Some type of noodle, fresh meat (if you so choose), and sauce. While virtually any pasta noodle can be used and meat may be left out of your dish, you want to be sure your sauce is of the highest quality! And that’s where DeVitis Italian Deli & Market comes in. This popular Italian grocery store in Akron has a wide variety of homemade pasta sauces to choose from. Made from ripe tomatoes and a secret blend of herbs and spices, the sauce from DeVitis will make your meal truly delizioso!

People from all over the Fairlawn and Tallmadge areas go to DeVitis Italian Deli & Market for their family recipe marinara sauce. And it’s not hard to guess why! This special recipe is over 60 years old and has been in the DeVitis family for generations. Keeping the flavors consistent for over half a century isn’t an easy feat, but the folks at DeVitis Italian Deli & Market pull it off every day! The proprietors of DeVitis Italian Deli & Market know how much area locals love using their sauce to create delicious Italian cuisine, so they make sure not to stray from their recipe.

DeVitis Italian Deli & Market is well-known in the Summit County area for providing cooks with all of the ingredients they need to craft delicious Italian cuisine at home. So, why not take a look yourself? DeVitis Italian Deli & Market is just a short drive away from the Fairlawn, Ohio and Tallmadge, Ohio areas. Plus, they’re open every day for shoppers’ convenience! Check out their website at or give them a call at 330.535.2626 to see what kind of specials they currently have running. You may just want to pick one up when you go to this Italian grocery store for their homemade pasta sauce… Hungry yet? Then head over to 560 E Tallmadge Avenue in Akron, Ohio for some of DeVitis Italian Deli & Market’s family recipe marinara sauce. Yum!