Eating Right Is Easy with Fresh Farm Produce at Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Uniontown, Ohio

Eating right and eating light can be difficult for people in a hurry and those who don’t know where to go for the good stuff. Grocery store prices keep rising amid concerns of pesticides and a lot of talk about not-so-organic products being marketed as entirely organic. It can all add up to unnecessary confusion leaving those looking to maintain or improve their eating habits feeling frustrated. Fortunately, healthy eaters in New Franklin, Ohio and hard workers in Green, Ohio have Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Uniontown, Ohio to rely on for freshly picked produce and freshly cooked meals. Fresh fruit and fresh veggies are available alongside hot daily specials. By sticking with the fresh from the farm produce and daily delights at Figaro Farms Fresh Market, you can trust what you’re putting in your mouth.

Some of today’s healthy eaters also like a little meat with their lunch. At Figaro Farms Fresh Market, their appetites are satisfied every day! Meatball subs and lasagna roll ups lead the list of daily specials that surprise new visitors from New Franklin who drop in seeking fresh farm produce. Before you know it, they’re regulars looking for their usuals and picking up fresh fruit and fresh veggies at the same time. It’s no different for people from Green looking to start or keep eating right. Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Uniontown gives all of its guests the same warm welcome and fresh, tasty food.

Pesticides are not included in any of the food at Figaro Farms Fresh Market. They keep their 96 acres chemical-free which keeps toxins out of the picture and off of their customers’ minds. Locally grown farm produce can be comforting in light of recent reports of allegedly organic foods being made in China by companies with fake or expired licenses. People mindful of what they eat and parents who care about what they feed their kids could find mass produced foods offered by massive retailers a bit sketchy. Those who choose Figaro Farms Fresh Market don’t share those concerns. They know their getting chemical-free fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and delicious daily specials from a local family that’s been bringing goodness from the earth for over 30 years.

Eating right isn’t hard when fresh, clean farm produce is easy to find. Visit Figaro Farms Fresh Market and experience simple goodness today. Before you head out from your New Franklin, Ohio home or Green, Ohio office, give them a call at 330.896.2220 and find out about today’s freshly cooked daily specials. Fresh fruit and fresh veggies are just the beginning of what Figaro Farms Fresh Market has to offer. Stop by today and see their full spread of goodies!

Figaro Farms Fresh Market
175 E. Turkeyfoot Road
Uniontown, Ohio 44685