Enroll Your Child in Dance Camp This Summer at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance near Kent, Ohio

As a parent, you know how difficult the summer season can be. Though it’s great to be able to spend extra time with your children, finding ways to entertain them throughout the day is tough. Luckily, there are a number of summer activities around the Barberton, Ohio and Ravenna, Ohio areas that you can take advantage of while your children are on summer break. One example? Dance camp! Whether your children are enrolled at a local dance studio or not, taking summer dance classes is a great way to learn new skills, socialize with other children, and have fun! However, before you just choose the school closest to your home, why not consider affordable dance classes from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance? A twist from the normal ballet, tap, and jazz that other Kent, Ohio area dance schools offer, the summer session at MacConmara Academy is sure to provide your little ones with a unique and enjoyable activity!

The summer dance classes from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance are designed to provide everyone—from beginner to advanced—with the instruction they need. If the idea of learning traditional Irish folk dancing is something your little ones are interested in, you can easily obtain affordable dance lessons at one of MacConmara’s dance studios near Kent. Taught by professional Irish dancers, these month-long courses provide children of all ages with a wonderful summer activity!

Along with regular summer dance classes, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance will also be hosting a 4-day dance camp for those who are new to this style of dance. If your children have little to no experience with Irish dancing, rest assured that they’ll quickly pick up on the steps by enrolling in MacConmara’s dance camp. Though anyone is welcome to sign up, and MacConmara’s staff has individual classes for each level, it’s a good opportunity for students throughout the Ravenna and Barberton areas who want to try it out before taking regular classes. On August 5-8 from 11:30-1 PM, MacConmara’s students will join the instructors in order to learn new skills, practice ones already taught, and try out new steps that will help prepare for the 2014-2015 year!

If your children enjoy trying new things, and you’ve been looking for a suitable summer activity, why not take a few moments to learn more about summer dance classes and dance camp at MacConmara? Visit the website for this local dance studio near Kent, Ohio at www.macconmaraacademy.com. There you’ll find a schedule, price list, and additional information on what their summer sessions entail. If you have any questions about the affordable dance lessons available from MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance, give them a call at 330.608.6959. Or, just take the trip from your Ravenna, Ohio or Barberton, Ohio home to one of their locations so you can speak to an instructor in person.

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