Figaro Farms Fresh Market Brings Fun Family Activities to Summit County, Ohio

Fall is truly one of the best times of year, isn’t it? What with Halloween, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving, and the beautiful color changes that sweep over the Summit County, Ohio area. It’s the perfect time of year to participate in fun family activities with your loved ones. And if you happen to live in the Akron, Ohio area, then you’re just minutes away from really great events that are being hosted at Figaro Farms Fresh Market. The folks at this Green, Ohio facility love the autumn season as much as anyone, which is why they’ve planned a bunch of festivities for locals to take part in. This year marks Figaro’s 7th annual Fall Festival, with a long list of events that adults and kids can enjoy. Whether you want to go through the Haunted Trio (a group of family friendly scares), play a game of Spud Slinger, compete in a Corn Toss competition, or simply take a scenic hayride through Figaro’s gorgeous fields, now is the time to hop in the car and drive to Figaro Farms Fresh Market!

The annual Fall Festival at Figaro Farms Fresh Market is always filled with wonderful treats for families to enjoy. Open through October 27th, Summit County locals are encouraged to visit the facility if they’re looking for fun family activities. Admission is free but tickets are required for some events. If you happen to have a large group, why not reserve the whole farm? Figaro’s accepts reservations for larger groups Monday-Thursday. But on Fridays and Saturdays, the festival is open to the public. And this is one opportunity that you and your Akron friends or family members don’t want to miss out on!

During the day you will be able to take a scenic hayride through Figaro Farms in order to view the beautiful fall foliage. Perfect for adults who want to relax and little ones who may not be able to play games quite yet, the hayride is a popular event at this Green area location. After that, you can take the kids to play in the Corn Box! Your children will be giggling and having a great time playing in Figaro’s creative version of a sandbox. Figaro’s also offers face painting for whoever wants to adorn their face with wild and wacky designs. This is not just for children! Adults are encouraged to take the day off to be a little silly at Figaro Farms Fresh Market!

At Figaro’s annual Fall Festival, locals can simply enjoy the beautiful fall weather and play unique games to win prizes. And with the lineup they have, you’ll definitely want to take a turn! Apple Hole allows players to toss apples into giant metal barrels. Similar to corn hole, you’ll have a fun time trying to score points! Corn Toss requires participants to toss ears of corn (husks included) into three wooden crates. And if you get three in, you win a free pumpkin! But that’s not all—Figaro’s has some other interesting games you can play. Spud Slinger is just as whacky as it sounds. Players use potatoes to load a slingshot and try to hit targets. The farthest target, the witch, is 130 yards away. Members of your group will also love to try their hand at Pumpkin Roll Hill. After climbing the hill, players must roll their small pumpkin down the hill into one of the tubes at the bottom. Sounds tough, but this is one game that will have you laughing the whole time!

And if you’re concerned about the low temperatures we’ve been having lately, don’t worry. Figaro’s will also have fire pits set up around the facility to help you keep warm and light up the area. And once it turns dark, you’ll welcome the fire as it adds to the spooky atmosphere! While Friday nights are designated as Family Nights, Saturdays bring the Haunted Trio after dark! This activity is $15 for adults and $10 for children 10 and under. Those brave enough to participate can take the Haunted Hayride, find their way out of the tricky Corn Maze, and travel through the eerie woods! But rest assured, like everything at Figaro Farms, the Haunted Trio is a family-friendly scare.

If you’ve been searching for fun family activities that you and your loved ones can enjoy, look no further than Figaro Farms Fresh Market! Their 7th annual Fall Festival is one event in the Summit County, Ohio area that you won’t want to miss. To find out more about the Haunted Trio, scenic hayride, Pumpkin Hill Roll, or any of the other activities they offer, give them a call at 330.896.2220. After you make a reservation for your group, simply take the trip from your Akron, Ohio home to Figaro Farms Fresh Market at 180 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd in Green, Ohio. Put your troubles aside and come be a kid again at Figaro Farms. Kids welcomed too!