Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Uniontown, Ohio Can Help You Create a Holiday Tray Your Guests Won’t Forget

It’s December and the holiday season is in full swing in Akron, Ohio. That means that holiday parties and gatherings are happening routinely from Uniontown, Ohio to Green, Ohio. The only thing getting in our way of enjoying this festive time of year is the dilemma of what to serve the guests. Figaro Farms Fresh Market has a variety of homemade dips and fresh meats and cheeses to help you create a holiday tray that will leave your guests wanting more! The best part is that this market is a one stop shop. You can save time running from store to store searching for the freshest assortment of food. Did you know about the fresh farm dairy products that can be found here? Figaro Farms Fresh Market will help you create the most delicious snacks for your guests this holiday season.

Figaro Farms Fresh Market chose their name wisely. Here you will find the freshest products all over the Akron area that you can use to create a holiday tray that will impress your guests. They have variety of fresh meats and cheeses such as Boar’s Head products—the finest deli meats and cheeses that are sliced fresh to order. You will never wonder how long the meats and cheeses have been sitting in the case because you will see the friendly deli staff cut and slice each product fresh for you. It’s freshness your guests will taste!

Should you need some variety for the guests that may be coming to your Green or Uniontown home, Figaro Farms also carries a wide selection of homemade dips to choose from. With all sorts of flavors from sweet to savory, any one of these dips is sure to be a delectable hit with your holiday guests this year! If you aren’t sure which one to choose, stop by and sample a few.

The freshness doesn’t stop there. Figaro Farms, owned and operated by proprietors Andy and Kathy, also carries fresh produce grown in their 97 acre vegetable crop, which supplies the market with most of their produce. If that’s not enough, Figaro Farms also promotes fresh farm dairy products. The most popular brand is the Hartzler Family Dairy. They specialize in milk, ice cream and butter—all fresh dairy items.

Figaro Farms Fresh Market located in Uniontown, Ohio truly is the one stop shop for the freshest foods near Akron, Ohio. Here you can find fresh farm dairy products and homemade dips that will be sure to impress your Green, Ohio guests this holiday season. They are located at 180 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd. If you want to see some of the fresh meats and cheeses that will help you create a holiday tray that will have your guests’ mouths watering, be sure to stop by soon! You can also call them at 330.896.2220 to find out any specials that they may be offering that day.