Find a Butcher Shop with a Diverse Array of Fresh Beef, Pork & Poultry in Sherman Provision of Norton, Ohio

We each have our preferences – especially when it comes to food! Focus on fresh beef, pork, and poultry, and our wants get particularly specific. People in Barberton, Ohio may begin seeking beef roasts before looking for liver and gizzards. Others in Doylestown, Ohio sometimes want a side of beef or a slab of bacon and beef tongue or pork tongue to go with it. But trying to find a butcher shop in Summit County, Ohio with a diverse array of butcher meats and a butchering process all can appreciate is not easy. That is, unless you know to go to Sherman Provision in Norton, Ohio where respect for animals combines with concern for customers to create a comprehensive spread with no waste.

Nowadays, people are more interested n what goes on in the back. Not only when they find a butcher shop with a selection of butcher meats that’s limited to choice cuts. But diners in restaurants and shoppers at clothing stores are curious about the happenings behind those ‘Employees Only’ doors. Of course we can’t satisfy your curiosity across the board. We can, however, fill you in on the butchering process at Sherman Provision in Norton.

You see, there’s a reason why the butcher case at Sherman Provision is filled with fresh beef, pork, and poultry products you can’t find anywhere else. The butcher’s desire to satisfy you is a part of it. But his determination to show true appreciation for the animals that feed us is paramount. Mr. Michael – as the kids who know where his bubbly wife Mrs. Mauri keeps the treats call him – listens before he slices. He hears chefs, family cooks, couples, and grandmothers and granddaughters chatting as they explore the international groceries on his shelves.

Whether the conversations be about fresh sausage to make Italian sausage and peppers in Barberton or pork jowl to prepare Asian barbecue sticks in Doylestown, Mr. Michael hears wants that make waste unwarranted. He then factors these wants into his butchering process that also accommodates customers seeking Ox tail for Jamaican stew or pork intestines for Southern-style chitterlings right here in Summit County.

Hence his spread of butcher meats that includes beautifully marbled steaks, bright pink pork chops, plump chicken breasts, and other fresh beef, pork, and poultry products less enlightened butchers discard. And while whole chickens and fresh handmade sausage may have been omitted from that sentence, know that they are always included in Mr. Michael’s offerings. As are pork heart, beef heart, and virtually anything else your recipe may call for.

Rarely can you find a butcher shop with a butcher who leads with an interest in your interests. But know that you have such a treasure in Sherman Provision where the butchering process begins with you. Superseded only by his respect for animals, Mr. Michael is committed to adding that extra something to meals in Barberton, Ohio; Doylestown, Ohio; and beyond. You can see some of his fresh beef, pork, and poultry products online at and call 330.825.2711 for special requests. To see all of his butcher meats, stop by the shop today. Feel free to bring your kids and let them know Mrs. Mauri has treats!

Sherman Provision
3998 Johnson Road
Norton, Ohio 44203