Find the Catering Menu for Your Family Celebration at Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Families across Northeast Ohio are celebrating milestones. Children they once coddled are completing confirmations, having first communions, and receiving diplomas and degrees. The memorable moments are often family events with tears, gifts, and guests. And a family celebration with relatives from Fairlawn, Ohio, friends from Brimfield, Ohio, and classmates from Tallmadge, Ohio calls for a catering company with a broad catering menu and affordable catering prices. For special events in Northeast Ohio, Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio fits the bill.

Catering for events where kids are the focus and adults are in attendance requires a diverse catering company. The two groups have drastically different tastes. Kids are known to be the harshest food critics, and adults expect a bit more than corndogs. This makes planning family events challenging and finding a catering menu that covers everyone a priority! It also brings budgets to mind because catering prices can add up when you need multiple meals.

Rock Fresh takes the stress out of organizing a family celebration. The catering company in Cuyahoga Falls provides full meals that please young and old. They also craft specialty sandwiches that pass the picky kid test yet contain high end ingredients that adults find impressive. Pot roast and chicken cutlets are on their catering menu. When served with potatoes and carrots, mashed potatoes or green beans, they create a filling meal and beautiful presentation. Toasted ciabatta, rye, and Italian breads top the specialty sandwiches from Rock Fresh. Hot pastrami, corned beef, pulled pork, roasted Turkey, Hungarian sausage, Portabella mushrooms, melted cheese, and crisp garden greens fill the middles. And Rock Fresh offers intricate sauces that can be drizzled on top or served on the side.

The local catering company also offers timeless favorites like burgers and hot dogs. Kids in Fairlawn near Brimfield and throughout Tallmadge are drawn to their grilled burgers on hot buttered buns. And adults crave Rock Fresh’s doublebuger with two grilled beef patties and get crispy satisfaction from their baconburger. Hot dogs are Kosher, butter flied, grilled, and served on hoagie rolls with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and slaw. The creative twists that Rock Fresh gives to the food on their catering menu makes sure picky guests at your family celebration find things they know while curious guests find something new.

When you’re planning family events for guests of all ages, Rock Fresh in the catering company to call. From affordable catering prices to a diverse catering menu, they make sure your family celebration is a beautiful experience and a manageable expense. Visit their website at and choose what you want for your daughter’s confirmation in Fairlawn, Ohio, your son’s first communion in Brimfield, Ohio, or your twins’ graduation party in Tallmadge, Ohio. Then call Rock Fresh at 330.923.7625 and place your catering order today!

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