Firehouse Grille & Pub Dishes up Buffalo Wing Deals and More in Ravenna, Ohio

Ahh, the chicken wing. Many have tried to perfect this tasty treat, yet only a few have been successful. There is a certain process that goes into creating the best chicken wings possible—the ones that are lightly breaded, a little crispy, and covered with just the right amount of flavorful sauce. Fortunately for all of you in the Streetsboro, Ohio and Mantua, Ohio areas, you are just a short drive away from a casual restaurant that can properly prepare these mouthwatering foods at an affordable price. Totally stumped, but dying to know the answer? Well, you should have guessed by now! It’s Firehouse Grille & Pub in Ravenna, Ohio! This Portage County, Ohio favorite brings Buffalo wing deals to eager locals every Tuesday. Plus, they have great food and drink specials every day!

Now, when you head over to your local Firehouse Grille in Ravenna on a Tuesday, there are a couple of things you should be aware of. First of all, you need to get there at a decent time. The $0.49 Buffalo wing deal from Firehouse Grille & Pub draws in quite the crowd! Plus, you will be better able to save your Streetsboro or Mantua friends a seat at an actual table. Next, you need to have the proper attire. Meaning what, you may ask? Meaning that you need to ask for a mountain of wet naps and possibly a bib! These finger foods are delicious, but they’re also a teensy bit messy. That would be because of the delectable sauce, of course. This casual restaurant in Portage County has a long list of sauce flavors to suit everyone’s tastes. Honestly! With Honey Mustard, Cajun, Wicked, and more, you may have a hard time deciding on what kind to get! Fortunately for you, the Buffalo wing deal is an affordable way for you and your group to try as many flavors as you want!

But even though Firehouse Grille & Pub has such fantastic wings, you still need to pay a visit on other days of the week as well. With food and drink specials every day, you can get a delicious meal at half the price of other places! Whether it’s getting an inexpensive sirloin on Mondays, half-off appetizers on Thursdays, or all you can eat beer-battered fish on Fridays, you will be glad you chose to go to Firehouse Grille & Pub!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been dreaming about a full plate of chicken wings for weeks, then it’s about time you went to Firehouse Grille & Pub in Portage County, Ohio for their Buffalo wing deal on Tuesdays! You’ll be able to sit down at this casual restaurant with Mantua, Ohio or Streetsboro, Ohio friends before getting as many orders of these finger foods as you can eat. Just remember to pace yourself. After all, you don’t want to feel as if you’re about to explode! Then you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the other food and drink specials they have every day! To call ahead or find out more information about their specials, give Firehouse Grille & Pub a call at 330.325.0706. If your wing craving has to be satisfied as soon as possible, then head over to 4809 S Prospect St in Ravenna, Ohio now!