Firehouse Grille & Pub Provides Family Friendly Restaurant Options with Eight Locations near Akron, Ohio

Spending time with friends and family takes on a new meaning when you venture outside of the house. A different environment can create a different mood and help your crew loosen up. In Akron, Ohio, the place to go for good food and good times is and has been Firehouse Grille & Pub. Since 1996, the local pub has been the casual restaurant of choice for small groups and large gangs. Over the years, Firehouse Grille & Pub has opened seven additional family restaurants in cities including Tallmadge, Ohio and Zoar, Ohio. True to its history, all Firehouse Grille & Pub locations serve as the local family friendly restaurant where kids have a full menu and guys can watch the game.

Part of Firehouse Grille & Pub’s legacy is its legendary “Dollarburger.” It’s a grilled hamburger that helped the local pub gain popularity in its early days because guests loved the taste and $1 price. Even though times have changed a bit, the Dollarburger remains a signature daily menu item at all Firehouse Grille & Pub locations. Other favorites like the Firehouse Burger with grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese and the Firestarter Burger with crushed red peppers, jalapenos, and Tabasco sauce have joined the ranks. And the family friendly restaurant known for offering something to suit every taste bud at the table recently added the Donut Burger to its vast menu. As the name suggests, the Donut Burger is a glazed donut melted together with a grilled hamburger and your choice of cheese.

Akron diners, tailgaters in Tallmadge, and score keepers in Zoar know their local pub can cater to a sports crowd. The casual restaurant with wings, ribs, and pizza makes for a perfect place to watch your game of choice. Sports fans who want to grab a grilled hamburger and catch a game solo receive a warm welcome and hot meal just as groups of friends and families. Firehouse Grille & Pub is the perfect place to pop in and catch a few plays on workday or tune in from start to finish on a Saturday afternoon.

In the midst of tailoring to adult wants, the family friendly restaurant manages to cater to kids’ needs too. Unlike most restaurants that stick chicken fingers on the menu and consider that being kid friendly, Firehouse Grille & Pub offers an extensive kids menu. With younger diners satisfied, older diners can unwind and enjoy all their local pub has to offer. That’s been the plan at Firehouse Grille & Pub since there was only one location. Now with eight, the casual restaurant remains true to its roots by serving good food at affordable prices throughout Northeast Ohio.

Today is a great day to take your family or favorite bunch of buddies to the Firehouse Grille & Pub nearest you. Colleagues in Tallmadge, Ohio and sports fans in Zoar, Ohio can find their place at the local pub too. Visit Firehouse Grille & Pub’s website at for a full list of locations. Be sure to check out their detailed menu while you’re there or call ahead and ask about today’s special. A great casual restaurant comes in handy on many occasions and a truly family friendly restaurant can be hard to find. Residents and visitors to Northeast Ohio have both at Firehouse Bar & Grille. Join in the fun today!

Firehouse Grille & Pub
2437 Canton Road
Akron, Ohio 44312

1677 East Market Street
Akron, Ohio 44305