Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio can Help Create a Delightful Summer Night with a Cozy Outdoor Fireplace

This summer, the weather has been less than reliable.  The bright sunny mornings turn into stormy, muggy afternoons and stormy evenings.  When the sun goes down in Uniontown, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio it cools down enough that many of us dream of sitting out back and relaxing by a safe outdoor fire pit or cozy outdoor fireplaceFireplaces & More near Hartville, Ohio supplies several styles of strong outdoor equipment to secure your backyard campfire.  During the summer months is also the best time to have the professionals there take care of any chimney masonry repairs that are necessary from weathering and age.

If you already have a patio area and furniture attractively displayed in the backyard and can’t seem to find enough motivation to really get some use out of it, why not add a cozy outdoor fireplace that invites you to sit right down and stay awhile as the kids catch lightening bugs?  It will extend the amount of outdoor hours your family can spend together—which are oh-so-important on the days when the weather actually does cooperate with us!  Fireplaces & More has models of safe outdoor fire pits like table top fire pits and outdoor pits that are gas or wood burning. Another option is the portable Whalen FirePit model that has wheels mounted on steel legs for use wherever your summer adventures occur! How fun will it be after a long day at the pool to get back home and settle down in front of a warm backyard campfire to roast marshmallows and hotdogs while discussing your next summer day trip with the kids?  The staff at Fireplaces & More has over 20 working fireplaces (for indoors and outdoors) and stoves, many grills and other examples of their services at their location in Uniontown.  Stop in today to get advice on the ways that you can add a safe outdoor fire pit accessory to your existing patio or backyard retreat.

Another great reason to contact them this summer is to have any chimney cleaning or chimney masonry repair done to your Hartville or Barberton home.  These types of repairs can really only be done during the summer months, as the weather affects how accessible your rooftop is!  They can repair or rebuild your deteriorating chimney so that the appearance of your home is improved and your fireplace is venting properly.

Visiting their website at will give you a preview of their products and services including their wide selection of grills and fireplace accessories.  Fireplaces & More near Hartville, Ohio and just a short drive from Barberton, Ohio has the perfect cozy outdoor fireplace or safe outdoor fire pit for your next backyard campfire. Give them a call or stop in and discuss how they can help you with their chimney masonry repair service so that the use of your fireplace indoors is not impaired by poor ventilation or workmanship.

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