For Silver Line Double Hung Windows and More, Visit Building 9 near Cuyahoga Falls!

Have you ever felt like no matter how long your Cleveland, Ohio home’s heating system runs, your home isn’t getting any warmer? If you have outdated or damaged windows, you could be losing valuable warm air during the cold season, raising your energy costs. Before winter comes into full swing, make sure your home is prepared by investing in affordable new replacement windows from Building 9. This quality business near Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio offers a variety of Silver Line windows by Anderson that are sure to improve the appearance and function of your Medina, Ohio residence this season. Whether you need single hung windows or double hung windows, you can find them all at Building 9. By installing these quality windows, you’ll begin to see lower energy costs and a more updated home exterior you can be proud of.

With the holidays just around the corner, you want to make sure your Cleveland home is looking it’s best for your guests. Of course, you also want to make sure your home is maintaining its warmth. Rather than continuing to suffer with outdated windows that continuously draw in cold air from outside, pay a visit to Building 9. Located near Cuyahoga Falls, you’ll be able to find a variety of new replacement windows at this great location to enhance your home’s function as well as appearance. One of their popular lines is the Silver Line by Anderson collection. Their Silver Line 1200 Series provides double hung windows with an aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency unlike windows similar in design. Additional features include

  • Simple, beveled design that matches any décor
  • Tilt-in top and bottom sash.
  • Fusion-welded, heavy duty vinyl for low-maintenance convenience.
  • Interlocking sash that offers a seal against drafts.
  • Vent latches that allow for easy ventilation while keeping your window secure.

Of course, these quality windows are also available in their more advanced Silver Line 8500 series. This series boasts the same low-maintenance convenience and energy saving benefits as the 1200 series with a few additional benefits. For one, this window series offers a colonial profile and rugged construction to maintain your Medina home’s rustic style without appearing outdated. Additional features for this series include:

  • Colonial brick mold design that adds a touch of classic style to your home.
  • Tilt-in top and bottom sash that offers easy cleaning from inside your home.
  • Specially designed balance system that makes the window effortless to open.
  • Unique color coordinated indicator lock that lets you see at a glance if your window is unlocked.
  • Fusion-welded, heavy duty vinyl for low-maintenance convenience.
  • Interlocking sash that offers a seal against drafts.
  • Vent latches that allow for easy ventilation while keeping your windows secure.

If you love their double hung replacement windows, you’ll be sure to love the single hung windows from their Silver Line 2200 series!

The single hung windows from the Silver Line 2200 series offer quality windows at an affordable price.  It’s simple design is sure to blend with any décor! Do you prefer double hung windows? If so, consider investing in new replacement windows from the Silver Line 1200 or 8500 series! These Anderson brand windows can all be found at Building 9 near Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at an amazing price! If you’re from the Cleveland, Ohio or Medina, Ohio area and find yourself ready to invest in more energy efficient windows for your residence, make Building 9 your first stop. For more information, visit or call one of their physical locations today!

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