Get Extra Space & Minimal Maintenance with Quality Composite Decking from Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio

Sunny days and pleasant evenings are back! Finally, homeowners can party in their backyards in Bedford, Ohio or Beachwood, Ohio. And they can swim with their kids in Twinsburg, Ohio or spend quiet evenings alone in Macedonia, Ohio. That is unless there’s a dilapidated deck out back that makes exterior home improvement more of a priority. If you can relate, you need to get to Building 9 in Massillon, Ohio ASAP! They have quality composite decking and composite railing kits at discount prices. You can get what you need to install a brand new, problem free composite deck today!

When an outdoor deck is fresh, it’s fabulous. Glistening boards and rails make the extra space perfect! Add a few special touches like furniture, plants, or grills, and outdoor decks become more like extra rooms. Good times are inevitable! Barbecues, birthday parties, baby showers, and tons of quality time take place in the sunshine and wind down with cool breezes in the evening.

Time, wear, and weather can take a toll on wood decks. Painting is a pain and staining is a problem. Before you know it, boards lose their luster and mildew takes over. Consider surrendering your weekends in Beachwood, rotting wood ruining your vibe in Bedford, cracked boards cramping your style in Macedonia or kids with splinters in Twinsburg, and a composite deck quickly proves to be a great idea.

Made from eco-friendly materials, the quality composite decking sold at Building 9 in Massillon saves time, parties, and trees. The composite deck boards and the parts in their composite railing kits are crafted from recycled wood and plastic. That means their products enable impressive exterior home improvement projects without requiring the consumption of additional lumber. The result is long-lasting, extremely durable deck supplies that can be cut, sawed, nailed, and screwed without issue.

With quality composite decking from Building 9, homeowner’s get extra space and outdoor experiences plus lasting color and minimal maintenance. Their composite deck and composite railing kits are available in eight shades that never need painting or staining.  Walnut, weathered wood, and two shades of cedar are just some of the natural looks. And merlot, sage, and pewter are available for homeowners who want their deck to blend with their home siding or accent a particular speck in their bricks.

Act now and you can have a new composite deck in time to enjoying the best of our warmer months. Go to and see which color will best enhance your backyard in Beachwood, Ohio, your cabin in Macedonia, Ohio, your townhouse in Twinsburg, Ohio or your business in Bedford, Ohio. The quality composite decking and composite railing kits at Building 9 are as versatile as they are durable. They can satisfy your exterior home improvement needs or fulfill your professional wants. If you have a special project in mind, call Building 9 at 330.830.8389 and ask an expert or go straight to their showroom and get started today!

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