Get Fresh Apple Cider and Apple Crisp at Figaro Farms Fresh Market in Green this Season!

When it comes to fall, there are certain food products that many of us look forward to all year long. One of the most popular food items many of us crave during the fall is apple cider. There’s nothing quite like fresh apple cider, and that’s why Figaro Farms Fresh Market near Green, Ohio is offering Hays Apple Cider to their customers this season. To go with this satisfying drink, consider picking up a homemade pumpkin roll. Made from the finest ingredients available, Figaro Farms Fresh Market’s pumpkin rolls are sure to delight everyone in your Barberton, Ohio household. Looking for something with a bit more of a crunch? Fresh apple crisp is always an amazing option as a side for the upcoming hog roast or just because! If you’re looking to make your North Canton, Ohio meal special this season, know you can find everything you need at Figaro Farms Fresh Market!

At Figaro Farms Fresh Market, you can find a variety of delicious foods to make that upcoming holiday special. Here, you can find fresh pumpkins and crisp fall apples to help create all of your favorite seasonal dishes. Are you running low on time? No problem! Figaro Farms Fresh Market near Green offers great products that are already pre-made for you to take home and enjoy with your family. One of these amazing foods is their homemade pumpkin rolls.  This pumpkin-flavored dessert is one of the essential fall treats that many individuals crave. This moist, spiced pumpkin cake is rolled around a filling of soft cream cheese, making the perfect combination! Best of all, this pumpkin roll can be taken to the home of a family or friend as a party dessert.

Another delicious treat many love during this season is fresh apple crisp. Although you could make it yourself, Figaro Farms Fresh Market is proud to offer pre-made apple crisp with the same delicious flavors you expect from your home made kind. Of course, you can’t forget to pick up some fresh apple cider for your Barberton household while you’re there! Hays Orchard Apple Cider is one of those essential flavors of fall. Since 1949, Hays Orchard has been making their Original Apple Cider with several types of apple varieties blended to give a smooth finish and a distinctive taste. In addition to 100% apple cider, Figaro Farms Fresh Market also carries Grape Apple and Pomegranate Apple from this leading juice brand to make your North Canton meal complete!

With so many fall flavors available at one great location, why not stop in today? Figaro Farms Fresh Market near Green, Ohio has a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and other amazing food products that will leave your mouth watering for more! Right now, you can find delicious fall treats at Figaro Farms Fresh Market at an amazing price. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some of their homemade pumpkin roll or fresh apple crisp back to your North Canton, Ohio residence to enjoy? Whatever dessert you choose to add to your Barberton, Ohio family’s meal, you know it will be freshly made! Don’t forget, they even have fresh apple cider! For more information on their delicious products, call 330.896.2220 or visit their physical location today!

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