Grill Maintenance by Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio Keeps Grilling Season Alive

Backyard chefs are busy! Summer is prime grilling season, and grill masters from Green, Ohio to Hartville, Ohio are in hog heaven right now. In fact, some are even roasting hogs! Others are hosting parties and all filling bellies. With some time to go before grill covers come out, now is a good time to talk grill maintenance. Built-in grills, patio mount models, and roll-away versions all need upkeep. Sometimes they also need new grill parts, repairs, and precise adjustments from the skilled team at Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio.

We know for a fact that grilling season will run through August. If we’re lucky, it’ll slip into September. In either case, there are plenty of evenings, weekends, and special occasions left to go. And grill maintenance can help you smoke and sear until the last possible moment rather than end up sidelined in the final stretch.

Your specific needs will depend upon the type of grill you own. For instance, built-in grills affixed to gas lines warrant attention that doesn’t apply to roll-away models. But no matter the style of your backyard beauty, some level of care is required. Simply scrubbing grill racks and walking away is akin to asking for disappointment. Instead, it is important to thoroughly clean your entire system and frequently check your grill parts for signs of wear.

It is fair to say that roll-away grills require the least amount of grill maintenance. As their care is largely limited to cleaning, owners are safe with ensuring that all signs of the meals they prepare are gone once dinner is done. As the grill service specialists at Fireplaces & More in Uniontown can confirm, high heat helps achieve this feat for roll-aways, patio mounts, and built-in grills. Whether cooks are using propane tanks or gas, cranking up the heat after removing all food singes any lingering food particles and makes thorough cleaning easier.

However, this function and all others hinges upon properly working grill parts. This includes igniter wires on patio mounts in Green as well as burners and drip vaporizer bars on built-in grills in Hartville. And while slighting cleaning duties can sicken your family and cripple your grill, neglecting grill maintenance to include ignoring underperforming grill parts can put all at risk of injury.

The words safety first appear on posters, bumper stickers, and HR brochures for a reason – most accidents are avoidable. And by performing regular grill maintenance, you can avoid accidental damage to your prized possession as well as harm to your home and loved ones. Factor in annual checks of built-in grills by Fireplaces & More, and you can expect smooth sailing throughout grilling season. Visit to view the services and grill parts that the local company provides. And if you haven’t had your grill serviced, call Fireplaces & More at 330.896.3500 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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