Join MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Canton, Ohio This Month for a Great School Fundraiser!

While this may not be the month of St. Patrick’s Day, the dancers at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance are no less busy! With their dance open house coming up fast, a great school fundraiser going on in Canton, Ohio on October 26th, and dance regionals scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving, MacConmara students are constantly working to prepare. Fortunately for parents and dance enthusiasts alike, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance will be sharing all of their hard work with those interested in this unique art form. Whether you want to take the trip from your Coventry, Ohio or Stow, Ohio home to see the dancers perform, or visit their open house to enroll your child in their program so they can participate in Irish dance workshops with professional Irish dancers, now is the time to do it.

The first item on MacConmara’s schedule this month is their dance open house. Free for all who want to attend, this dance open house gives parents and little dancers the opportunity to see what MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance has to offer. Not only will you be able to take a tour of MacConmara’s studio and meet with their instructors, but you can also chat with other parents about the benefits of enrolling your child. Scheduled for October 19th at their Akron location, this is one event that you won’t want to miss if your child is interested in taking dance classes.

Just a week after their open house, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance will be at the Canton Palace Theatre on October 26th. As part of a school fundraiser for Jackson, MacConmara students will be performing for the audience during a night of wonderful music and fun. Not only will attendees be able to see the MacConmara students in action, but they’ll also have the chance to listen to tunes from a high-energy Celtic-rock band! Presented by Jackson Local Schools Foundation, the Glengarry Bhoys from Ontario will performing at this Canton landmark as well, providing audience members with fast-paced songs that are hard NOT to dance to! If you’re interested in seeing this terrific band and MacConmara’s dancers, then you’ll definitely want to purchase tickets for this school fundraiser.

The first weekend of November, MacConmara students will be in for a special treat. Professional Irish dancer Marcus Maloney will be visiting the studio in order to lead an Irish dance workshop. With a rich background of teaching, performing, and choreographing for such shows as Busch Gardens’ Celtic Fyre, Maloney gives students the opportunity to participate in fun and challenging Irish dance workshops. By learning from such an accomplished professional Irish dancer, students are able to improve their own skills and become the very best dancers they can be!

As if MacConmara Academy wasn’t busy enough, the dancers at this local studio near Coventry and Stow are also preparing for dance regionals this November. Held in Grand Rapids, Michigan from November 28th-December 1st, the 2013 Mid-America Oireachtas is the competition in which dancers must place before continuing on to the world championships. As some of MacConmara Academy’s own students have received high rankings before, they’re eagerly awaiting their chance to compete.

With a dance open house, school fundraiser, Irish dance workshop, and dance regionals all coming up fast, it’s safe to say that the students and staff at MacConmara Academy are hard at work. So, why not take the opportunity to see what they’ve accomplished and how your own child could benefit from studying at MacConmara? Visit their website at for more information about this studio and the talented professional Irish dancers who teach there. If you have any questions about their upcoming performance in Canton, Ohio with the Glengarry Bhoys, just give MacConmara a call at 330.608.6959. But if you’re thinking about enrolling your own child in their program, be sure to take the trip from your Stow, Ohio or Coventry, Ohio home to their studio on October 19th.

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