Keep an Eye out for the Irish Dancers of MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance near Stow, Ohio

While the Irish dancers at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance are always on their feet, this is a particularly busy time of year for these talented students. Soon MacConmara’s finest will be heading off to Grand Rapids, Michigan to participate in the regional championships. Those who place in this dance competition will then move on to nationals, perhaps even qualifying for the world championships that are to be held in London next year around Easter! With all that’s at stake, it’s no surprise to learn that MacConmara’s students are working hard at their studio near Stow, Ohio. But despite the fact that one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year is coming up in a matter of weeks, MacConmara Academy is also working on prepping for the next season by inviting new students to enroll in 2014 dance classes. Whether you want to give your little one a terrific Christmas gift in the form of a new hobby, or your teen would like to get involved in youth Irish dance, it’s just a quick trip from your Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio home to see what MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance has to offer!

While 2014 dance classes won’t begin until January, you can still take this opportunity to learn more about the programs available at MacConmara Academy. Classes at this Stow area studio primarily focus on the art of traditional Irish dance, but there are other styles of dance your child can learn if they’re interested in a fun, physical activity. In addition to ceili, a popular form of folk dancing in Ireland, the experienced instructors at MacConmara offer ballet and jazz workshops. Designed to give students an enjoyable workout, each of the programs offered at MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance are very comprehensive, providing dancers with a solid foundation that they can continue to build on. By taking the trip from your Canton or Green home to this local studio, not only can you talk to MacConmara’s staff about enrolling your child in 2014 dance classes as a belated Christmas gift, but you can also see youth Irish dance firsthand!

As the Irish dancers at MacConmara are busy preparing for regionals, it’s a bit hectic around the studio. However, you can learn more about youth Irish dance and the training these students have undergone in order to be in a position to participate in such large-scale dance competitions. While you may assume that most of the Irish dancers going to regionals are older teens, MacConmara actually has a rather diverse group heading off to this dance competition. Over 30 of MacConmara’s students have put in the hard work to compete, all of varying ages. From students as young as 5 to the oldest being in their early 20s, these competitors all have something in common—they’ve worked with the very best that MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance has to offer.

If the idea of participating in such a large-scale dance competition is one that your own child is looking forward to, then youth Irish dance at MacConmara Academy may just be the perfect first step. To learn more about this Stow, Ohio area studio and the training that their Irish dancers go though, visit their website at If you’d like to talk to one of MacConmara’s staff about purchasing 2014 dance classes as a Christmas gift for your child, either give them a call at 330.608.6959 or take the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Green, Ohio home to their studio.

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