Learn about Upcoming Events from Akron, Ohio’s Premier Dance Institute, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance

Whether you have a child who wants to participate in youth dance competitions one day, or you simply like to stay up-to-date with the latest Akron, Ohio news, you’ll be interested to learn about MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance’s recent successes and upcoming events. As Irish dance competitors from this local dance institute recently went to the 2013 Mid-America Oireachtas, they are eager to share their achievements with the community. Not only did MacConmara’s students do exceptionally well at this recent event, but some earned a place at the 2014 North American Feis Commission Championships, and two will be heading to London in April for the World Irish Dancing Championships! With all of the impressive awards that MacConmara’s students have won, it’s obvious that this school is capable of helping dancers become the best they can be. Lucky for those who want to attend this prestigious dance academy, MacConmara will be offering a dance class special during the month of January so students can bring a Stow, Ohio or Coventry, Ohio friend for free!

While MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance’s students have accomplished quite a lot recently, they haven’t forgotten about their regular training. As January will mark a new year, all classes from beginner to advanced will resume. And that includes introducing new students to the art of traditional Irish dance! During the month of January, MacConmara will be running a dance class special for new students. By purchasing a month of classes at this Akron dance institute, your child will be able to bring their Stow or Coventry friend for free! As MacConmara’s students have demonstrated what hard work and training with professional instructors can do, this dance class special is a great opportunity for your child and their friend to experience what MacConmara has to offer.

As a number of MacConmara students participated in the 2013 Mid-America Oireachtas, this local dance institute is extremely proud of how well their pupils performed. They had several solos with high rankings, and one ceili performance earned the 7th spot in the ‘Under 10’ age group! Plus, two of their Irish dance competitors will be going to the World Irish Dancing Championships in London next April. Winning 4th in the ‘Under 16’ age group and 5th in the ‘Under 10’ age group respectively, Tyler Kemerer and Kolbe Ballard will be competing against dancers from across the globe.

In addition to the world championships, one of MacConmara’s talented Irish dance competitors will also be participating in the 2014 North American Feis Commission Championships next February. This youth dance competition will take place in Orlando, helping to celebrate Irish culture through dance as well as music. Not only will MacConmara’s own Tyler Kemerer be competing, but MacConmara instructor Teresa Seeman-Buck will also be assisting with this well-respected event.

If your own child is eager to compete in youth dance competitions, now is an excellent time to consider enrolling them in MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance. As this local dance institute has helped their students become their best in order to compete in the 2013 Mid-America Oireachtas, as well as the upcoming 2014 North American Feis Commission Championships and World Irish Dancing Championships, their methods are certainly effective. To learn more about the dance class special that will be running in January, and how you can put your child on the path to becoming a successful Irish dance competitor, visit MacConmara’s website at www.macconmaraacademy.com. If you have any questions, give MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance a call at 330.608.6959, or take the trip from your Stow, Ohio or Coventry, Ohio home to talk to their instructors in person.

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