Lyons Photography in Akron Offers Photo Restoration and Other Professional Photo Services!

lyons photography_logoishYour photos are more than just precious memories of your times spent with family in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio or Canton, Ohio area; they’re a way to capture a certain moment in time along with a sense of your individuality. After all, you often decide how you want to look in photos by selecting a certain outfit or wearing your hair a certain way. Lyons Photography understands this, and that is why they are happy to offer a variety of professional photo services to enhance the photos they take of you and your family at their local photography studio in Akron, Ohio. The more traditional services they offer include photo retouching, multi-image prints, and digital special effects.

In this way, Lyons Photography can provide those in the Hudson, Ohio area and beyond with the unique photographs they’ve always wanted to share with their loved ones and friends! Although new technology and products allow the photos Lyons Photography takes to last a multitude of years, you may find that some of the older photos you have from when your grandparents were young or before are not quite as vivid as they once were. In order to help you preserve these precious memories of the past alongside your memories of the present, Lyons Photography proudly offers digital photo restoration services.

Lyons_Santa2Through these digital photo restoration services, professional photographers Terri and Andy can create a new photograph for you that eradicates the damages of age, wear, and other factors the original photo itself displays. Once these restoration services are complete, you will have a new photo to share with your family and friends for many years to come! Already, individuals from Cuyahoga Falls to Canton have benefited from having their photos restored by Lyons Photography.  Because your photos are so important to you, Lyons Photography offers a variety of professional photography services to help you give new photographs taken at their studio that extra personality you want it to display.

Lyons_Santa3In fact, Lyons Photography—located in Akron can use digital special effects to choose a selective color in a photograph to give emphasis to certain aspects of the picture itself. Whether that aspect is your eye color or the color of your dress is completely up to you! Photographers Terri and Andy will gladly work one-on-one with you to help create the custom photographs you want to take your photos one step further. Ghosting, black and white photos, sepia tones, denim tones, and envy tones are also special effect options you can choose from for your photographs. Do you like the look of multi-image prints? No problem! Lyons Photography can easily create the multi-image photographs for you to share with your family and friends in the Hudson area and beyond! Although these are some of the more unique digital photo services offered by Lyons Photography, they still use more traditional techniques with their photographs such as well –including photo retouching.

Lyons_Santa1Often, digital photo retouching is used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of unwanted blemishes or stray hairs. However, it can also be used to whiten the appearance of your teeth, eliminate the look of tan lines, eliminate piercings, braces, and more! Through this service, professional photographers Terri and Andy can make you look your best without compromising the natural beauty you already have as an individual. Furthermore, these services can help provide you with photographs you can truly be proud to share with loved ones in the Hudson, Ohio or Canton, Ohio area this season.  Even with these retouching services, you can still get multi-image prints and other digitally enhanced photographs created at this local photography studio in Akron, Ohio. If you’re from the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio area and would like to learn more about these professional photo services – including photo restoration— visit Otherwise, e-mail your questions to, call 330.773.5071, or stop by their physical location to speak with owners and photographers Andy or Terri today!

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