MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance near Stow, Ohio Participates in Irish Dance Competitions around the World

The art of Irish dance is one that appeals to dance enthusiasts regardless of age or skill level. The costumes, the music, the movements… This type of dancing is as much fun to watch as it is to do! It’s no surprise then to learn that MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance in Hudson, Ohio and Akron, Ohio is frequently contacted by parents who want to enroll their children in this unique activity. As the most popular studio for Irish dance lessons in the greater Northeast Ohio region, MacConmara Academy is the first number to call when one is interested in learning the traditional art of Irish dance. Staffed by Irish dance instructors with years of experience, MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance gives dancers all throughout the Coventry, Ohio and Stow, Ohio areas the opportunity to receive the guidance they need to participate in Irish dance competitions. In fact, many of MacConmara’s students go on to compete in such well-known events as the North American Irish Dance Championships!

Extremely passionate about their craft, the Irish dance instructors at MacConmara Academy in Akron and Hudson are dedicated to teaching students everything there is to know about this art form. This provides students with an extensive education in Irish dance that gives them a deeper appreciation for the craft. Those who are intrigued by the thought of taking Irish dance lessons can expect to have a wonderful learning experience when they enroll in MacConmara Academy.

Not only does MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance hold recitals throughout the Coventry and Stow areas for the public to enjoy, but they frequently compete in Irish dance competitions as well. After receiving such terrific guidance from the Irish dance instructors at MacConmara, students are often excited to show off their skills at a higher level. In addition to performing at smaller venues, some MacConmara students go on to enter renowned Irish dance competitions such as the North American Irish Dance Championships. In fact, this local studio will be sending some of their students to the event this year!

Scheduled to be held in Anaheim, California from July 3rd—July 7th, the 2013 North American Irish Dance Championships bring together dancers from all over the continent. Young dancers to adults are able to display their talents in front of a panel of judges in order to win their prizes. Some of MacConmara’s more experienced students will be competing in order to show all that they have learned from the Irish dance instructors at MacConmara. And chances are that they will perform quite well!

If your own child is delighted by the prospect of being taught by experienced Irish dance instructors, you may want to consider enrolling them in Irish dance lessons from MacConmara Academy. While it will take some time to build up the skills necessary to compete in Irish dance competitions, you can feel confident that your child will receive a thorough education along the way. And who knows, your child may one day compete in the North American Irish Dance Championships too! To learn more about MacConmara Academy of Irish Dance and how to sign your child up for classes, visit or call 330.608.6959. You can also take the trip from your Stow, Ohio or Coventry, Ohio home to meet with their instructors in person.

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