MHP Gas Grills on Sale at Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio Make Outdoor Grilling Affordable

Finally, outdoor grilling season is here! You can smell the steaks searing and barbecue sauce setting in everywhere! Families in Tallmadge, Ohio, neighbors in Barberton, Ohio, and clubs in Alliance, Ohio are all sending smoke signals. And anyone without a backyard blaze feels left out. If you’re one of the people on the other side of the fence, Fireplaces & More in Uniontown, Ohio can get you grilling too! Right now, they have gas grills on sale. Rollaway, patio mount, and permanent built-in grill models by Modern Home Products (MHP) are all $25 off with free delivery and assembly!

Nothing says summer like a cookout. Juicy burgers, sizzling seafood, and roasted veggies are just a few of the things people crave hot off the grill. And grill masters and wannabe grill masters are eager to accommodate their backyard diners! As soon as winter’s gray clouds roll away, they start rolling out portable grills and pulling the covers off of mounted masterpieces. By the time summer arrives, anyone who bypassed the popular purchase regrets their decision to stick to the stove.

If you’ve lived through past outdoor grilling seasons with invites as your only access to grilled delights, this year can be drastically different. Fireplaces & More in Uniontown has a wide variety of outdoor grills with service that makes getting yours easy. Their rollaway, patio mount, and permanent built-in grill models by MHP are American-made and affordable. No matter your set-up or budget, the gas grills on sale at Fireplaces & More surely include something that suits your situation and aspirations.

For homeowners in Tallmadge, club house managers in Barberton, and group leaders in Alliance who want a built-in grill but lack a gas line, Fireplaces & More can install one and connect a new grill to it! Their service team consists of experts as experienced in gas line installation as they are in grill assembly. And with the MHP natural gas grills on sale, personalized outdoor grilling stations are a cinch! Whether you want your set up mounted or movable, Fireplaces & More can install it with a phone call.

The beauty of outdoor grilling exists in the variety of things proven and practicing grill masters can do. Multiple meats and assorted meals can be created at the same time, on the same grill. Different cooking surfaces increase the possibilities, and Fireplaces & More offers an impressive range of options. From standard H-burners to infrared grill tops and cool combinations of both, the MHP gas grills on sale at Fireplaces & More are as diverse as grilled dinners!

Go to to see what’s in store at Fireplaces & More or visit their showroom and pick out your grill! Outdoor grilling season has already started without you, and Fireplaces & More can help you get in the game. Be it a rollaway gill for your yard in Tallmadge, Ohio, a patio mount model for your business in Barberton, Ohio or a built-in grill and new gas line for your cabin in Alliance, Ohio, you can get it now and save! Factor in free delivery and assembly, and choosing one of the gas grills on sale at Fireplaces & More is as convenient as it is affordable. Call them at 330.896.3500 if you’re curious about your property’s gas capabilities or ask an expert when you get to the store!

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