Nicole’s Connection Offers Safe & Effective Airbrush Tanning in Akron

Nicole’s Connection Inc. in Akron, Ohio can help you to achieve your best beach look without lamps and beds, but with gently airbrush tanning instead! Nicole’s Connection is a full-service tanning facility with plans and memberships for every budget, including airbrush tanning.

Why use airbrush tanning? There are several good reasons to utilize sunless tanners in general, the most important of which is reducing your skin’s exposure to UV rays which cause irreparable damage to your skin.

Why get airbrush tanning at Nicole’s Connection in Akron? There are plenty of sunless tanning products available at your local drugstore or discount store. However, applying these lotions and sprays yourself can be difficult at best, and disastrous at worst. During self-application, it’s difficult to tell if the spray or lotion is covering your skin in an even, consistent manner. If it’s not, you are likely to end up with dark spots or places that got missed entirely. Also, self-tanners do not usually come in different shade to help you choose the bronzed tone that’s just right for you and your skin.

The professionals at Nicole’s Connection can assist with these concerns. The airbrush is an excellent delivery system. A light touch is key when using any sunless tanner, and the gentle mist of the airbrush accomplishes that precisely.

When you receive your airbrush tanning at Nicole’s Connection in Akron, you can let them know the tone that you are trying to achieve so that they can set the airbrush to appropriate level.

While you’re visiting Nicole’s Connection for your airbrush tanning, check out their selection of stylish swimsuits that will help you show off your new gorgeously glowing tan! Also shop their other tanning products, such as sunless bronzers than can help you to maintain your airbrush tan between visits. The staff at Nicole’s Connection can offer tips to help you avoid some of the pitfalls of self-application mentioned above, and the high end products that they sell will include ingredients to care for your skin while also maintaining your color.

Keep in mind that sunless tanners, including airbrush tanning, does not protect you when you are out in the sun. Airbrush tanning at Nicole’s Connection keeps you out of the sun while still giving you a sun-kissed skin tone, but when you’re outdoors, it is still important to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Airbrush tanning will not “wash off,” however, you will need to schedule regular appointments at Nicole’s Connection to refresh your color. Sunless tanners typically bond to the outmost layer of skin cells, and as those cells naturally slough off, your color will begin to fade.

You can find Nicole’s Connection in Akron online at or call them at 330.923.6303 to find out more about airbrush tanning and to schedule your appointment! Also, stop by for special savings!

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