Ohio Pools and Spas Can Make 2012 Your Healthier, Less Stressful Year

Let Ohio Pools and Spas help you achieve a healthier, less stressful lifestyle, and make 2012 the year for a new and improved you! However, before they could make recommendations for your healthy lifestyle, Ohio Pools and Spas decided to put their ideas into practice within their Northeast Ohio company first.

We are still in the first quarter of 2012, but it is easy to get caught up in the busy pace of everyday life. Not only are there the pressures of what is going on in the world, gas prices and an election year, but we all have the pressure of our own lives. From shuffling kids from activity to activity to the rigors of the daily grind. So, what can you do to help yourself to relax, feel healthier and less stressed at the end of each day?

Ohio Pools and Spas have the answer in their showrooms. At Ohio Pools and Spas, they made it a priority to look after their health and well-being by incorporating the use of their Hot Springs Spas into their routines. They created a challenge within the company that included other healthy lifestyle choices, like eating well and exercising, along with using their Hot Springs Spas. They were quick to note that, after a good workout, soaking in a Hot Springs Spa was no longer a “luxury,” but an important step towards healthier, less stressful living and to feeling their best each day.

The intra-company challenge was such an incredible success that thirteen people from Ohio Pools and Spas participated in the Akron Marathon, one of whom successfully completed the full 26.2 miles. To help and encourage the company to maintain the habits that are allowing them to live healthier, less stressful lives, Ohio Pools and Spas plans to become more involved with the Akron Marathon, the Subway Challenge Series, and many other races throughout Northeast Ohio.

Training for a marathon is hard work, and the level of fitness required for such an undertaking certainly cannot be attained overnight. The Hot Springs Spa was a balm to many sore muscles, as well as a treat for a job well done. You may not be training for a marathon, but that does not mean that you could not benefit from your own soak in an Ohio Pools and SpasHot Springs Spa. Perhaps your neck and shoulders ache from long hours spent at the computer, or you experience lower back pain from being on your feet all day. Maybe every muscle twinges by day’s end from hauling laundry baskets, picking up toys, or transferring precious sleeping cargo from a car safety seat to a bed or crib. No matter what your day-to-day routine may be, your body will appreciate the relief and relaxation you achieve by spending a bit of time in your Hot Springs Spa.

By the end of the challenge, Ohio Pools and Spas had not only reached, but exceeded their weight loss goal, collectively losing over 350 pounds. Staff members were leading considerably healthier lives, and were able to develop routines and habits that allow them to maintain less stressful lives, as well. Nearly everyone reported that the use of their Hot Springs Spa was a major factor in their lifestyle changes.

Let Ohio Pools and Spas help to make your 2012 one of your best years yet with a Hot Springs Spa! Find out more about Hot Springs Spas at www.OhioPools.com, or visit one of Ohio Pools and Spas three Northeast Ohio locations! You can’t afford not to!

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