Pick up a Picnic Pack at Figaro Farms Fresh Market and Enjoy the Weather Around Akron, Ohio This Summer

Well, we’ve officially hit the midpoint in our wonderful summer season. It’s hard to believe that a month and a half has already come and gone! Soon the temperatures will slowly begin to drop as a way of ushering in the fall season… Fortunately, we still have some time before we have to say goodbye to summer. So, why not get outside and enjoy it? Visit your favorite Akron, Ohio park and go on a bike ride. Take the kids to one of the Tallmadge, Ohio community pools. Just do something to take advantage of the gorgeous weather while you still can! And while you’re at it, why not stop by Figaro Farms Fresh Market near Green, Ohio to stock up on some tasty treats for an alfresco lunch? This local shop has a variety of delicious goodies that you can use to make a nice outdoor feast for you and a loved one. With party dips and salsas, vegetarian foods, fresh deli sandwiches and more, there’s something for every set of taste buds at Figaro Farms Fresh Market, particularly if you pick up one of their picnic packs!

Everyone loves to eat outside when the weather is nice, even if it’s an invitation for unwanted critters… There’s just nothing like a nice day out with the sun on your face and a scrumptious meal in your belly! And if you haven’t had the opportunity to sit back, relax and partake in an outdoor lunch yet this summer, there’s no time like the present. Figaro Farms Fresh Market is currently offering up their Portage Lakes Picnic Packs to Akron and Tallmadge residents who are planning on spending the rest of the summer season under the sun.

Filled with all kinds of yummy items, the picnic packs from Figaro Farms Fresh Market are great for both planned outings to the lake and spontaneous trips to the nearby park. All you have to do is call ahead and Figaro Farms Fresh Market will have your made-to-order lunch prepared in a timely manner! With 2 fresh deli sandwiches (made with Boar’s Head meats and cheeses), a large fruit cup, 2 drinks and a 12-ounce Deli Pasta Salad, this picnic pack is jam-packed with crisp, mouthwatering foods.

Of course, Figaro Farms Fresh Market encourages Green area natives to enjoy the remaining summer season however they want. If a picnic isn’t in your plans, that’s okay! Whether you hold an outdoor gathering in your backyard, go camping in a nearby forest, or just have family dinner outside a few nights a week, Figaro Farms Fresh Market can help make sure that you and your guests are pleasantly full. In addition to their fresh deli sandwiches, there are plenty of party dips and salsas, vegetarian foods, desserts, fresh produce, soups and other offerings for you to enjoy.

Why not get outside and take pleasure in the nice weather while it lasts? If you don’t, then you’ll be kicking yourself when September rolls around…  So, grab a picnic pack from Figaro Farms Fresh Market and savor one of their fresh deli sandwiches as you soak up some vitamin D! Or if you have another idea in mind for your Akron, Ohio or Tallmadge, Ohio outing, take the trip over to Figaro Farms to see what else they have available. With party dips and salsas, homemade soups, desserts, vegetarian foods and more, this Green, Ohio area market is sure to have something for you to enjoy this summer.

Figaro Farms Fresh Market
180 E Turkeyfoot Lake Rd
Uniontown, Ohio
Ph: 330.896.2220