Pure Water Technology Has the Best Office Drinking Water Machines for Akron

Pure Water Technology is raising the bar for office drinking water and water machines in Akron and throughout Northeast Ohio. Their office drinking water solutions go beyond standard water filters to bring safer, better tasting, and more environmentally friendly water to you at the touch of a button with bottleless water coolers.

Many people believe that the ubiquitous office water cooler is the perfect solution for clean, fresh office drinking water. There are probably hundreds of standard water coolers scattered throughout downtown Akron with thousands more in Northeast Ohio as a whole. However, this water delivery system may not be as pure as you think it is.

Take a look at your water cooler. The first thing you probably notice is big plastic bottle on the top. This big plastic bottle is responsible for the emission of greenhouses gases in its production, as well as its distribution—not an environmentally friendly drinking water machine.

Moving down the cooler, you will likely find that model in your Akron office has a tab or lever attached to the spout or nozzle. Having so many hands that near to where the water is dispensed can actually add contaminants to your office drinking water. Also, the reservoir that holds the water before it is dispensed requires regular maintenance in order to keep it clean and working effectively to filter your water. If this maintenance is overlooked, your water machine is not providing you with the level of purification that you need.

Now, consider a bottleless water cooler from Pure Water Technology. The complete elimination of the plastic bottle makes this a much “greener” drinking water machine. It is also a significantly purer source of office drinking water. Water dispensed by a Pure Water 1R drinking water machine has gone through not one, but five forms of water purification before it enters your glass! Additionally, the dispensing controls are near the top of the unit, away from the nozzle, further protecting your water.

The best tasting water in Akron comes from a Pure Water Technology bottleless water cooler. The first filter is a sediment filter that removes dirt, rust, silt, and other sediments. The water then passes through the first of two carbon block filters. These remove harmful organic materials from water, such as chemicals, solvents, and chlorine. The next filter is a reverse osmosis membrane to extract things like mercury and lead. The fourth filter is another carbon block filter just to be certain that nothing was missed during the first pass. Finally, your water receives an activated oxygen injection that removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, or any other microbiological agents. What you’re left with is a difference you taste in the water dispensed from your Pure Water 1R bottleless water cooler.

There are several other features that make the Pure Water 1R or another drinking water machine from Pure Water Technology the perfect water device for your Akron home or office. Visit them online at PureWaterOhio.com or call 216.514.0300 for more information about how to get the best office drinking water today!

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