Quality Automotive’s Trusted Mechanics Keep Summit County’s Residents Safe This Winter

The roads can become treacherous as winter weather starts to fall over Summit County, Ohio; Fairlawn, Ohio; Akron, Ohio. Your car should be at its best when the roads are at the worst. Since, driving in the winter can be hazardous for you and your car, preparing your car for winter before the snowfall hits can be a life savor. The trusted mechanics at Quality Automotive can get your car winterized and back on the road quickly.

Preparing your car for winter can save you from hassles later down the road. Salted roads, ice, and freezing temperatures can quickly cause a lot of damage to your car if it isn’t prepared. The conditions can do damage to your paint, the body of the car, and numerous other parts of your car. To ensure that your car is prepared for winter, you can lubricate your locks and your doors. Making sure to lubricate the door, trunk locks, and the hood locking mechanism is always a good idea to make sure they won’t freeze. To prevent rubber door seals from sticking in freezing weather lubricate them with special lubricant for rubber door seals. There’s only so much you can do yourself.

The trusted mechanics at Quality Automotive can make sure your battery is working properly. While most batteries last five years, when a battery will suddenly stop working can’t be predicted. When you are driving in winter weather, the last thing you want is a stalled battery, which can be especially true for those that are driving long distances to visit family during the holiday season. Akron winters can be especially hard on your car’s battery because the cold thickens engine oil, forcing the battery to work harder in order to start a vehicle.

As an ASE certified shop, Quality Automotive strives to keep their pricing competitive and fair. Each of their ASE technicians must stay up to date on all mechanical training and courses, ensuring that each mechanic can repair any type of car. When you are preparing your car for winter weather, you want to be sure it’s by mechanics who know how to prepare any type of car—no matter how old or new it may be.

Quality Automotive can also make sure your coolant, tires and windshield wipers are working properly. Your coolant should always be mixed properly, even during the winter months. Surprisingly, your coolant can cause your car to overheat during freezing temperatures too. Nothing is worse than getting stuck on the side of the road than getting stuck on the side of the road in the middle of a snow storm. Quality Automotive can make sure that your wipers and your tires are able to take any harsh winter weather.

Quality Automotive knows how rough winters in Akron, Ohio; Summit County, Ohio; Fairlawn, Ohio can be. Having to worry about the icy, freezing weather outside is enough to concentrate on this winter. There is no need your car should keep you guessing as well. Their trusted mechanics can make sure you can are safely driving in winter weather this year. Preparing your car for winter weather is a necessity, to make an appointment with Quality Automotive call today at 330-659-2060 or visit their website at www.napalocator.com