Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Is Getting Even Better with Their New Menu Items!

When it comes to good eats, Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is the place to be! With homemade soup that’s made fresh daily and new menu items being added all the time, what more could a food lover ask for? This casual dining experience will make for a great outing with friends or family. If you live in the Akron, Ohio area, you need to stop by and try one of their mouth watering Signature Sandwiches, or just the Soup of the Day. This Summit County, Ohio restaurant caters to all taste buds and has great prices, so come on in and see what delicious delights await you!

With great deals around every corner, why wait to stop into Rock Fresh in Cuyahoga Falls? Right now, there are three new menu items being introduced: Pork & Hamburger Sliders, Gnocchi, and Jägerschnitzel, which is sure to impress! Whether you’re a pasta lover from Akron or a meat lover in Summit County, there is something for everyone—even the kids! Not sure you’re brave enough for the newly added Jägerschnitzel? That’s alright, because there are plenty of old favorites to fall back on at Rock Fresh.

Ready to warm up this winter? At Rock Fresh, they offer a variety of soups, and even a Soup of the Day. All soups are made fresh daily, so why not try one of these homemade delights like the old classic chicken noodle soup? If you’re not much of a soup person, why not have a sandwich? Right now Rock Fresh is offering 5” subs made to your specific tastes for only $2.99! If you’re not sure that will fill you up, why not get yourself one of the many Signature Sandwiches Rock Fresh has to offer at this casual dining location? For only $5.95, you can order Rock’s Hamburger, grilled to perfection with your choice of toppings and a buttered bun. If you just can’t decide, for $7.95 you can get the Soup and Sandwich combo, which offers half a sandwich and your choice of soup. Why pass up these great deals? Whether you’re dining-in or picking-up, come see what Rock Fresh is all about!

Everyone has their own unique taste, and Rock Fresh caters to those unique individuals. With sandwiches and meals like no other, this casual dining location in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is the place to be. Whether you’re ordering a tasty Soup of the Day, or if you’re indulging in one of the many Signature Sandwiches, you know that you’re getting some fantastic deals from this Summit County, Ohio location. Don’t forget to stop in and try one of the many new menu items that Rock Fresh has to offer the Akron, Ohio area, like the Pork & Hamburger Sliders, Gnocchi, and Jägerschnitzel. For a look at their menu or just to learn a bit more about Rock Fresh, visit or call (330) 923-ROCK(7625).