Rock Fresh Uses Quality Ingredients to Bring a Quick, Healthy Dinner to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Rock Fresh eatery stays true to owner, Rockne Becker’s personal saying, “great food fast”. Rock Fresh strives to bring you a quick, healthy dinner by bringing the appeal of comfort food and the desire of healthy eating into one restaurant. Rock Fresh keeps the interior of the restaurant as clean and simple as its recipes. Owner, Rockne Becker decided to forego the collective look that his other restaurant, Rockne’s embodies and instead left televisions off the walls and the atmosphere homey. Rock Fresh focuses on bringing the feel of a home cooked nutritious meal to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; Kent, Ohio by using quality ingredients.

The smell of home cooked meals and the buzz of light conversations fill the air when you walk into Rock Fresh. It feels like you have gone back home for a well cooked meal with family. The lack of televisions in Rock Fresh ensures that the conversations stay lively and personal. Taking the television away brings dinners back to a time when families or couples ate dinner to enjoy each other’s company and conversations. Rock Fresh employs every opportunity to keep the atmosphere soulful.

The at-home energy doesn’t stop with the décor. Each of the menu items are made daily with only the freshest ingredients. Owner and head chef, Rockne Becker, supports the local shops in Cuyahoga Falls by regularly buying bread and other quality ingredients from local bakers. If you are looking for a quick, healthy dinner, Rock Fresh provides an abundance of health conscious menu options. If you have been looking for a restaurant that can provide the feel of a home cooked nutritious meal, start by trying Rock Fresh’s salads. Starting at just $1.95, you can enjoy a fresh barley side salad. With an abundance of barley, dried fruit, nuts and a tangy vinaigrette dressing you can have this salad alone or on top of another salad choice, like the house greens. The house greens salad offers an organic green mix with onions, olives, cucumber, tomato and crotons, making the organic salad the perfect complement to the tangy barley salad. You can finish your salad off with an energy Oz Water. The pineapple and mint infused water boosts your energy while keeping you healthy.

If you would rather indulge in comfort food, Rock Fresh offers the best hot-plate options. The menu options range from stuffed peppers to lobster. The stuffed peppers are generously stuffed with a special blend of meat and tomato sauce. Slow roasted pork, sausage, and chicken are offered in numerous dinner platters that will satisfy any meat lover in your family. If you are craving a sandwich Rock Fresh has you covered there too! Rock Fresh offers anything you can put in a bun from a hot dog to their own the “Rachel”. The Rachel is a thinly sliced oven roasted turkey sandwich pilled on grilled rye bread, topped with melted swiss cheese, thousand island, and sauerkraut. What Rock Fresh could be most well-known for is the ultimate comfort food, chicken soup. Offering a variety of hearty soups, the chicken soup is Rocke’s specialty. Loaded with celery, carrots, and chicken Rock Fresh’s chicken soup will warm up any day.

Carrying his experience from his restaurant, Rockne’s, Rockne Becker brings Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Stow, Ohio; Kent, Ohio a home cooked nutritious meal. Using only quality ingredients, Rock Fresh brings you and your family a quick, healthy dinner. If you are looking for a restaurant that will let you sit back and enjoy the company of your loved ones and provide you with soulful, hearty meal stop by Rock Fresh. You can call for reservations, 330.923.7625 or stop by Rock Fresh, 3883 State Road Cuyahoga Falls, 8am-9pm Monday through Saturday or 11am-5pm on Sunday.