Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville Provides Outdoor Enthusiasts with a Place to Find Fishing Tackle and More!


By Fiona Vernon

Being so close to the Great Lakes, it’s no wonder why so many individuals find fishing to be one of their favorite hobbies. Outdoor enthusiasts from across Ohio and beyond often visit the Great Lakes for fishing excursions and other activities during the summer months. However, being able to catch walleye, steelhead, and other native fish in the Great Lakes can be difficult without the proper gear. Although there are a variety of different fishing tackle products available at corporate sporting goods locations throughout the region, Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville stands apart from the rest.

In fact, this local shop has a variety of different fishing rods available for their customers to choose from, including high-end products by St. Croix anrodmakers-6d G Loomis. Admittedly, Rodmakers Shop —located at 20884 Royalton Rd— has evolved over the years to provide a more diversified selection of fishing products to their customers. Products available at this local store include live bait, fishing reels and rods, and all types of fishing tackle. Customers who are unable to visit their physical location can even find a variety of their fishing products on their website at Alongside the sale of these products, Rodmakers Shop offers repair services on all brands of fishing rods and fishing reels as well.

What truly helps set Rodmakers Shop apart from other sporting goods locations, however, is their dedication to customer service. Rodmakers Shop’s friendly staff  is happy to help their customers find the appropriate fishing tackle and gear for the fish they are trying to catch this season – regardless of whether they’re planning to catch crappie, bass, walleye, or muskie! By being able to direct their customers to the products they need to best suit their fishinrodmakers-43(2)g style, the staff of Rodmakers Shop is able to stand out from other locations throughout the Northeast Ohio region.

With a new year upon us, many anglers are preparing for their next big fishing trip to Lake Erie and to other local fishing spots throughout Ohio. However, catching native fish like crappie, bass, steelhead, and walleye require the right type of bait and tackle to ensure a catch. For this reason, Rodmakers Shop offers an assortment of fish specific products at their Strongsville, Ohio location throughout the year. With spring just around the corner, Manager Dale Mullen encourages outdoor enthusiasts and anglers alike to stop in for their annual tackle show on March 11th and 12th. During this show, customers can view and purchase fishing tarodmakers-140ckle for all fish species their customers may be preparing to catch. Even outside of this show, Rodmakers Shop offers quality fishing products and much more for all seasons.

For additional information on Rodmakers Shop, visit or call 440.572.0400 to speak to a member of their friendly staff today!

Rodmakers Shop
20884 Royalton Rd
Strongsville, Ohio 44149